Woman In State Quarantine On Hunger Strike, Rejects ‘False Claims’ By Authorities

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A Canaries resident who was put into state quarantine last week after authorities said she was in breach of COVID-19 protocols, has announced that she is on a hunger strike and says the authorities are making false claims about her.

Amelia Andrew spoke about her situation Monday night in an interview with HTS Evening News.

She disclosed that she had been experiencing some ‘hard life’ challenges and as a result, booked on line into Ti Kaye Resort and Spa in Anse La Raye.

Andrew said she was not aware that locals are not permitted to check into a hotel and mix with tourists.

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However, she told HTS News that when she checked into the resort, she explained her situation and the fact that she lives in Canaries.

Andrew said at the check in, a female employee asked her whether she was a local, to which she replied in the affirmative.

She recalled speaking with a male employee and indicating that she lives in Canaries, whereupon he indicated that he is from Soufriere.

“At the point if they thought I was in breach they should have asked me to leave the premises and issue me a refund,” she asserted.

However Andrew said that they checked her in.

She explained that later, she was informed that she was in breach of protocol and told to go to her room and isolate until contacted by the Chief Medical Officer.

“I was taken aback, but I complied with what they said,” she stated.

According to Andrew, she later got a call from the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority.

“They told me I must stay in my room – they apologised and said that I may have to go into quarantine for two weeks when the team assesses me,” she said.

Andrew said she had not been in contact with anybody with COVID-19.

She recalled that she spoke with a lawyer was asked whether she had a high temperature, to which she responded in the negative.

“He said to me ‘You would be able to leave because that’s false imprisonment’,” Andrew told HTS News.

“I took the lawyer’s advice because I made sure I got legal advice before I left the hotel. As I attempted to leave they stopped me – they called the police. They asked me to go back to my room and somebody would come and see me tomorrow.”

She said she  indicated that she would comply and asked for a note indicating that she had been advised to go back into her room, constituting a second breach, but they refused.

Andrew said she was put into an ambulance and taken into state quarantine.

At the time of the interview she said she had been there for five days and was on a hunger strike since she did not think she should be there.

“I don’t like the claims they are making against me because they are false,” Andrew declared.

She said no one from the Ministries of Tourism or Health have reached out to her and the hotel at which she stayed has not issued a refund or apologised.

“I just want to go home,” she disclosed.

She denied claims that she presented British identification when booking into the hotel, noting that all she presented was a debit card.

“A debit card is not ID. They didn’t ask me for any ID, any flight info. They gave me some forms to fill out and said they would collect it later.”

The woman’s husband, in an interview with Hot 7 Television News Monday night, said the family iWoman In State Quarantine On Hunger Strike, Rejects ‘False Claims’ By Authorities worried sick about her situation and concerned over whether her needs are being met in state quarantine.

He demanded that his wife be released.

Ti Kaye Resort and Spa when contacted for comment, directed St Lucia Times to the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) from which a response has been sought.

Headline stock photo courtesy Ava Sol


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