Woman In Viral Flogging Of Schoolgirl Pleads Guilty

A woman who was filmed flogging a schoolgirl while engaging in an expletive filled rant, has pleaded guilty to the charge of harm, police say.

During the rant, the woman accused the schoolgirl of wearing her shoes.

“Why the (expletive) you have my shoe in your feet? You know I have to go to class in your (expletive),” the woman demands while striking the child with a stick in a video that was posted on social media and quickly went viral.

Screen grab from video

The accused in the flogging video has been identified by law enforcement officials as 25 year old Tessa Albert.

The Bois Den, Jacmel resident was charged on Friday, November 29 and because there was no court on that day, was remanded in custody until Monday, December 2, 2019 when she was taken before the court for bail, according to police.

She pleaded guilty and was placed on $1000 bail or suitable surety pending a pre-sentence report, it was reported.

The bail conditions for Albert include surrendering her travel documents to the court; having no contact with the virtual complainant; not leaving the state without the court’s permission and reporting to the Anse La Raye police station every Friday before 6.00 pm.

The matter was adjourned until January 14, 2020 for sentencing.


  1. This was terrible,all this happened in Durando in front of a whole lot of people,its sad for the young girl,and for all the relatives.How we loose our temper,and how we like to act when there is public around,in a theatrical manner.This is the worst part,the show.But the police picked this up very fast,and she will pay.Fighting for shoes a big lady and a child

  2. bravo!!! That is how we should deal with all crimes , do not ignore the little crimes for they are the ones that festers into malignant uncontrollable ones . Well done !!! the police has done a fantastic job in this case hope the Courts do not betray us the usually do .

  3. Under the circumstances and aggravating factors, I think a custodial sentence should be imposed. Compensation sends a wrong message to the public for such a heinous act.

  4. Bravo, I hope the Magistrate apply the law to the fullest. We need to send a clear signal to other’s that we should think before we act. You’re her aunt, you should be caring for her and not taking advantage of her. Would you like her father who’s your brother to treat you in a like manner. You’re still lucky, you’re spending Christmas and New years out there. Whilst you’re serving time at Bordelais, next year, I do hope that you will reflect on what did and never try to repeat it again. Pray that you will not share a cell block with one of the bad girl’s in there, because you will regret what you did to your niece.

  5. Interesting I saw that video and thought Hmmmm, why is she so angry but I wasn’t quick to condemn her. I feel sorry for the pain she inflicted on this young girl just for borrowing shoes. Our society is quick to condemn her, the same ones that stood by a watch her violating that Kia, so Lock her up and throw away the key they say, but Will that solve the problem. There are worse criminals out there do y’all stand for the same principle. We got to educate ourselves as a society and be less ignorant.

  6. Now this girl has been the object of a whole lot of attention,she has recieved a whole bunch of stuff donated to her,computers shoes clothes.Boy that aunt must really feel bad,and she is still waiting for her sentence,what a family mess.The lady went crazy,and she is going to pay.quite embarrasing .She thought she was wipping a animal.

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