Thursday, September 29, 2022

Woman ‘Lookout’ Among Individuals Held As Babonneau Police Probe Stolen Vehicle Report

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Police arrested a woman and at least three men in Babonneau in an area identified as Cacolie about 4:00 am Saturday as the officers investigated a stolen vehicle report.

According to reports, the woman had fallen asleep while on lookout duty for the gang.

Two individuals familiar with the incident told St Lucia Times that the stolen minibus had been in a garage.

But someone who knew theย  vehicle and its owner noticed it was on the road driven by an unfamiliar person.

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The individual called the garage owner, who confirmed that the grey Toyota had been stolen and they summoned the police.

The individuals the police arrested had driven the Toyota deep into a bushy area and had already begun scrapping it.

They had several tools in their possession, including an engine hoist which police found near the stolen Toyota.

An individual familiar with the incident told St Lucia Times that when confronted by the police, one of the men said they were in the area looking for crabs.

But he could not explain why there was engine oil on his hands.

Vehicle being towed away

Saturday’s arrests came amid several reports of vehicle thefts in the Babonneau area, believed to have been carried out by one set of individuals.

There are no further details at present.


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  1. Hey ๐Ÿ˜„
    While deep sleep overtakes you,and ask yourself,why has this happend to you ?
    Why are you like a traveller who stays only for a night ?
    Like a stranger in the land, like a man taken by supprise, like a warrior powerless to save ?

  2. There might be one set of gangs who are carrying out this practice but you also have to understand there also a ready buyer for the said stolen items. Reasons the buyers goes this route is simply because the buyer have another purchaser or the buyer vehicle is no longer comprehensive and he can no longer get free replacement parts or cannot afford the cost the dealers are offering/selling. Investigations have to be done all how even sting operations. like for instance police can send undercover to someones whose vehicle needed parts replacement and make and offer, like an high cost then on the flip side monitor those vehicle stealers who offer those parts for lower

  3. The first individual that should have been Fatally shot is the woman .Then Shoot the Rest beyond Recognition. Its time police maks an example out of these Motor Vehicles thieves
    .BeachComber is the Dealer of Toyota and other Vehicles why don’t pay them a visit toown your personal Vehicle All of them should have been dead

    • What are you? A murderer acting like he doing good? For your name sake you better change around that terribly ignorant stlye of justice thinking yo.

    • i agree 100% with you, rambally would come to pick them up right where they were scaping the van

    • Why is the police that have to do the shooting? It is time we learn to respect others property. Vigilante justice must prevail. Now let the hypocrites bark.

  4. Women are involve in stealing and criminal activities more than the men as of late some of the women are encouraging thier sons from the age of 8 years to go and steal for them

  5. Roadside checks is the primary method police use for thwarting successful vehicle theft. For about a decade, I have watched thefts morphed into its present situation. By now, one would think that there would be more checks in the north. Unfortunately, being proactive is not in our DNA. We prefer to use words like “ayay” and “bodoos” after a very obvious incident has occurred.
    Someone is buying those vehicle parts from the crooks. What have we in place to monitor transactions? Are the penalties in place sufficient to deter illegal activity? My sympathy goes out to the victims of car-theft. They face issues of getting to work, third-party loss, violation and logistical issues. Theirs is not an easy to climb.

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