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Updated on May 29, 2020 2:19 pm
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Updated on May 29, 2020 2:19 pm

Woman Says’I’m Pregnant’ Before Being Shot Dead By US Cop

Sky News:– A woman in Texas has been shot dead by a policeman after she allegedly grabbed his Taser and fired it at him.

She appeared to say “I’m pregnant” moments before she was killed in an incident captured on video.

Baytown Police Lieutenant Steve Dorris said there was a struggle between the pair and the officer had been forced to use his Taser.

But as he was trying to arrest the woman, she managed to get hold of the stun gun and used it on the officer.

He then fired five shots at her, killing her. The officer did not suffer serious injuries in the altercation.

It has not been confirmed whether she was pregnant and a post-mortem will be carried out to establish if she was.

The unnamed officer was patrolling an apartment complex in Baytown late on Monday and attempted to detain the 45-year-old woman.

He had previous dealings with her because he was aware she had outstanding warrants, according to Lieutenant Dorris.

In the video, which has emerged on social media, the woman was heard saying “you’re actually harassing me” and “I’m actually walking to my house”.

The unnamed woman was on the ground and appeared to reach towards the officer when she seemed to say “I’m pregnant”.

Moments later he killed her.

Lieutenant Dorris said: “It’s a tragic event for everybody involved. Of course, our hearts go out to the family of the deceased as well as our officer.”

The woman’s name has not been released, as her family has not yet been informed.

Investigators want to talk to the person who filmed the shooting as they were a witness.


  1. More BS everytime there is a senseless killing. And the Chief feels sorry for the officer who murdered the woman?
    Gosh!! where is the justice in this World??? Police keep killing with impunity!!!
    Yet all the damn policy makers continue to make excuses for these damn killers whilst their peers cover their damn tracks!!!

  2. The officer was defending himself, why did she take his taser and tased him in the first place, he was threatened and aggravated assaulted, so he defended himself. The rest is history. I dont give him any wrong. If she had kept her hands where it was supposed to be that wont happen in the first place.

  3. When will people learn to let police be. Stop looking for trouble. Comply and let the police stir the course. Most times when you comply they will end up tying their own tongue and you’ll come out victorious. The man come to arrest you say let him and pay attention to all that is said and done. Read up on your rights. When you resist and or fight you’re only making matters worse for you. Everyday ya’ll sing the same song about police getting away with xyz yet ya’ll do the same sh^t getting youtselves killed over what?

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