Woman Shot Dead In Monchy, Gros Islet

A woman was shot dead at Monchy, Gros Islet, Monday night after 7.00 pm, law enforcement sources have confirmed.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the woman was shot multiple times.

There are no further details at this time.



    • Too many of oiur nation’s Queens and Princesses are getting killed. Men are stuggling with moving on. This ownership mentality by men has to stop.

  1. There can never have peace in the country says an individual very sad… put the guns down hot heads ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡จ

  2. the good book says when they say peace peace sudden destruction will come. how can there be peace in a corrupt country like ours .if the head is corrupt what you expect from the tail.

  3. What sad attempt at journalism. SLT should be concern with telling a real story instead of a headline with no information.

  4. It’s election time again demonic spirits have been sentence upon the land looking for the weak and bitter I. Heart to carry on their blood sacrifices more blood more power.evil and perilous times Repent of your sins love one another let prayer be your weapon to withstand the wiles of the son of perdition Lucifer the dragon.

    • … not only in st Lucia has the demonic spirits been unleashed because of elections.. itโ€™s sad that the world leaders are being ruled by Lucifer… people please turn to the prince of peace๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  5. The border is too porous. Guns. Illegal guns and ammunition is getting into the country with utmost ease. Plug the loopholes. This spate of murders is totally unacceptable. The people need protection from these gun toting mad men. What is the government have in place to counteract these deadly assault on the population? Chastanet and his inept yes men and women have to go.

  6. These Shootings have Nothing to do with Elections .These are Targeted Shootings theres a Motive to all the Shootings the police just have to investigate professionally and get to the Root of these incidents .

  7. St.Lucia Unsolved Murder Cases is Unbelievable .St.Lucia needs the Assistance of Professionals overseas it’s out of Hand

  8. What is going on in our St Lucia. Chastanet, will you please do what you promised you would do, that Kenny could not do. Jesus Christ

    • Stop being an a$$, and that goes for the rest of you you insist on making CRIME a political matter, can Chastanet call the young men and their bosses and tell them stop the violence?

      Give me a break…organized crime is almost impossible to prevent. Guns entering the state is almost impossible to prevent, but you know what can be done?

      Un-AIRED raids…random community searches…its true our focus is on hotspots but lets be honest here some weapons are well tucked in the suburban parts of the island…nestled and cared for until needed again, they are in private vehicles.

      Some are in plain sight ready for action…

      We need a commissioner who is capable, someone from a messed-up country whom has seen it all. Brazil, Mexico, Trinidad , Israel & France..

      We just need him for a year, you watch and see the change.

      • @Odd
        You have the perfect alias, your comments are truly ODD!! If government should not shoulder the responsibility of protecting the populace from these heinous crimes, why have a Ministry and a Minister of National Security? What are the responsibilities of this particular Ministry and Minister? Why allocate millions of taxpayers money to both of them? Are we getting value for these millions of dollars? ODD MAN, you really sound like a complete ignoramus. Go back to kindergarten.

  9. Poor, poor story but I guess you wanted to be first. Instead of Ipa, Alison Jean, Flavia Cherry and the likes concentrating their Black Lives Matter town hall meetings on having Chastnet remove his knee on our necks, cause I know for sure his knee is not on mine. They should concentrate their efforts on getting our little black boys and girls to stop taking each other life for illegal reasons. I need Steven King and the Black Lives Matter movement to assist our youth to respect life. We will deal with Chastnet at the ballot box if there is need to.

  10. Would like to know…are your reporters freeness. For crying out loud, hire someone who can write a proper news article. It is A shame to say the least. Bad representation of St. Lucian in general.
    St. Lucian National living in America.

  11. @ Vibz since you felt the need to get personal, if i dont like ypum..if you have done me wrong….and i feel the need for revenge or retaliation and i have access to a weapon…guess what? I will study your movement…study your place and times? Does your national security keep tabs on me?

    I think not..

    So grow up and smell the coffee very soon buddy.

    Take the blame as well…you are part of the generation that has contributed to the detrimental path this generation has chosen…

    Stop eating your own vomit each election…same BS…different party…or i should say same party different color…

    Give me a break.


  12. YOU KILL – YOU HANG. period.
    Bring back the noose, it’s still on the Books – or else, whip dem asses with LoLo Beff.
    After the first one hang, watch the sudden stop in shooting.(de devil is very busy diz days)

  13. It is unbelievable what some of you write, you call a murder Catastrophe? when there is a tragedy you call it an event. Vibz, all around the world has a Minister and Ministry of health and no one can stop Covid 19! Guys don’t forget the whole world is watching what you write.

    • You are stupid; a catastrophe has to with tragedy. I think you need help because you are dim in more ways than one. Did you not learn that the same word can be used in various contexts? Guess the subtle nuances that is part of the English Language escaped you.

  14. The solution to stop this is to have a bounty for the head of each man in st luca that kill a woman. the first person to do him in get the reward. when the police is sure that they have the right person we dont need court case or space in bordelais. just take them 3 fellas that i hear of so far OUT. the burning vehicle one, and this last 2. take them out.

  15. Why report this when you have no information …
    SLT … start doing a good reporting job instead of the nonsense you continue to report

  16. Hate hate crime crime to all the hatred talk show host stop preaching hate because the young people will follow what they hear and see… men heart becomes so dark they forget what they are sad..

  17. I thought Back lives mattered? I guess they dont when a black person dies at the hands of another black person eh.

    • So according to the article no one has been arrested…what make you believe it wasn’t a white man or woman that killed a black woman?

  18. This is bad,because it just shows how we react and our inner cruelty The police have to investigate this and reach a closure and the culprit has to pay.This was an execution,if some of you can understand.To the police all I can say investigate the ladies past….Go back to the day her father died,what she did with her fathers deed,go to land registry,follow the trail,get the family to talk and percieve their issues.You need to be smart and use your brains,all interviews have to be filmed and recorded by proffesionals not amateurs.You have to study all the facts,this has to be done by a team.The hitman got cash.for his miserable job..

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