Sunday, November 17, 2019

Women, Men Stand In Solidarity With Family Of Murdered Female

A group of women and men stood Thursday afternoon in solidarity with the family of Kimberly Williams de Leon, the wife of a police officer who was shot dead this week at Chef Harry Drive, Morne Fortune, Castries.

The group started gathering at Constitution Park about noon and later observed a minute of silence in memory of the deceased.

A spokesperson for the group, Caron Tobierre, told St Lucia Times that the event was ‘very impromptu.’

“It is happening because as women, as citizens of Saint Lucia, we want to stand in solidarity with the family of Kimberly Williams de Leon who was murdered in her home,” Tobiere explained.

Kimberly Williams de Leon – Deceased

She said the women are not sure about the status of the investigation which police have said will be unbiased, although a police officer is a ‘person of interest’ due to previous reports of domestic violence which law enforcers said they had acted upon.

Tobiere recall that since the police announced  Wednesday that there was a person of interest, the concerned group does not know what has happened since.

Kimberly Williams de Leon is a former student of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS).

“This outreach began as an outreach from the students – people who went to school with Kimberly who reached out to me and asked if we could organise something. So this is a movement which we hope will show support to Kimberly’s family right now to let them know that we stand in solidarity with them and that we support them.”

Caron Tobiere

Tobiere said the hope is that out of the solidarity the police and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) will know that the women will be monitoring and watching how the investigation into the murder develops.

“We want them to be aware that we are going to be holding them accountable,” she declared.

“I am hoping that this movement will actually grow into a movement that reaches out to our legislature so that we can get proper legislation to protect our women and our children in Saint Lucia.”

Tobierre explained that the women had chosen to wear orange because it is the colour of the movement against violence against women as designated by the United Nations.

She said orange is the colour the UN has chosen for the 10 days of activism that begin later this month.



  1. It is no mystery who is the perpetrator of this heinous execution. To issue a firearm to a serial domestic abuser is tantamount to putting a bomb in the hand of a man with severe mental problems. The high command of the Police Force should be held responsible for complicity in this tragedy. The alleged perpetrator should have been dismissed from the Force long ago. Domestic violence should always be taken very seriously. I hope her husband gets exactly what he deserves.

  2. It seems to be there is no evidence against this guy? So were does this leave us?Was this a contract kill ejecuted by sombody else? He seems to have a good alibi? If the guy did it with his weapon,in two days anybody with some knoledge ,can compare the bullets to the weapon,and finish with this.All this is bad for the image of the force,its egg in your face.Lets keep on hoping

  3. Get this investigation accelerated because all this is harming the credibility of the force.Two guns all legitimate? they cant get lost?

  4. Don’t take me wrong there are good police men but we have rotten tomatoes among them but mr killer I know who you are I will report this killing to the embassy you have a U.S visa or even the state department

  5. “the husband, a police offficer” has a name. I am checking the news reports coming abroad from St. Lucia. No name. No picture! It is so also with this story. So very different from the USA.

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