Work Continues On Millennium Highway To Cul de Sac Roundabout Project

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CO Williams Construction Ltd informs the public of the continuation of work activities on the Millennium Highway to Cul de Sac Roundabout Project.

The work activities will be carried out between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., and will focus on the following areas for the period Monday, May 30 to Saturday, June 4, 2022.

Millennium Highway:

  1. Coubaril to Owen King EU Hospital Roundabout – repair of headwalls
  2. Tunnel 1 to tunnel 2 – test pits
  3. Owen King Hospital roundabout to Ciceron landfill – test strips
  4. Ciceron viewpoint to Ciceron Landfill – surveying activities

Cul de Sac Intersection:

  1. Earthworks opposite the Bexon junction (west side Cul de Sac intersection)
  2. Temporary Road markings (Cul de Sac intersection)
  3. Culvert construction (western side of Morne Road)
  4. Retaining wall construction (southern side of East Coast Road)
  5. Relocation of laybys on East Coast and West Coast roads)
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Road users and pedestrians are asked to exercise due care and consideration when traversing the Cul de Sac intersection and the various sections along the Millennium Highway during the execution of the works, and to observe the cautionary traffic signage along the road.

The company has been experiencing unforeseen setbacks with some aspects of the road works and is working with the project stakeholders to rectify the situation.

CO Williams Construction Ltd. regrets any inconveniences likely to be experienced as a result of the ongoing works and encourages motorists to utilize alternative routes to avoid delays.

Source: CO Williams Construction Ltd.

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  1. In my opinion it is a waste of money base on what i have observed commuting that back dam. If anyone called that a highway they should be ashamed of themselves. If they going to recap on that foundation then that’s another waste of money because because the foundation is on a mattress. Anyway this is Lucia another point to prove St. Lucia is a fail state.

    • That road is horrible. Millennium is a period of 1,000 years. Ho wmany years did this highway last? Lol. There are roads in ancient Rome that are in better condition than this.

  2. More thin-crust roads that will soon fall apart. Exhibit A, the Gros Islet road. I wonder if they have ever contemplated doing something durable. Never doubt the value of quality and its long-term effects.


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