Thursday, September 29, 2022

Work On Multi-Million Dollar Housing Assistance Project At Cul De Sac To Begin By July

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The government of Saint Lucia Lucia has announced plans to commence work by July on a multi-million dollar apartment complex at Cul de Sac.

We hear more in this report:

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Editorial Staff
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  1. We must take the environment seriously; the disposal of garbage is paramount; (a) its storage (b) disposal & where to (c) each floor must have a garbage shoot, contents directed to a garbage room (d) completely sealed from every thing else, vertically & horizontally, with minimum 8″ block walls, since that room is very often on fire, due to carelessness. (e) Car Parking with Space for Visitors and for the Handicapped.(f) Security Fencing with a Gate (g) who pays property Tax? if its in the maintenance Bill, WoW – that’s a hell of a Bill. You need God’s help.

  2. I thought, ‘Age should speak ;
    and advance years should teach wisdom !
    Men tells pleasant things,prophecy illusions,to make fame which brings shame and disgraced.
    Woe to those who do not look for the Holy one of Israël,to seek help from the Lord ; Yet he is wise and can bring disaster.

    Have you comphrend the vast expanse and give understanding to the mind and gain “PRUDENCE ?
    When the flood surrounds,and the river river 🏞️rages, where the paths meet together,its take its stands,a channel for the torrents of rain and paths for water where no man lives,reserved for times of trouble to satisfy a wasteland.

  3. Putting the people first,priority comes after,and the horse 🐴 before the charriot, thats sound agreeable !
    No future hope for the sorrowful mother of St-Jude hospital,and no words can be spoken.
    Since silence has been put to rest and the truth is nowhere to be found;
    what has become concering the big looser,the very first day after election, who went on the construction site at St-Jude hospital and took away all the équipements and all the construction material ?

  4. Where in Cul de sac? This has been and is a flood plain forever I wait and see this become a reality. If I fo not live to see the folly of this decision to build in a flood plain ants will carry me the news in my grave.

    It is with much disappointment I see a repeat of history. A government elected with a significant majority as in 1997 failing the people once again. Every crab scrambling for their pocket.

  5. Let’s talk engineering; all buildings and much more high rise buildings, notwithstanding Apartment buildings need (a) Ministry of Planning, Zoning and Environmental approving. (b) Public Works i.e. Water supply, Drainage, Sanitary & Storm Water. (c) incoming Electricity, and maybe Natural Gas Pipes (d) Elevators with its machine rooms at Roof level with trained maintenance mechanics for that and the Boiler room duties along with Electrical maintenance. (e) Fire Protection, alarm system, Bells and Horn, Fire Exits. (f) Emergency Exit & entrance for the physically Handicapped (g) a permanent Apartment on site and office for the Superintendent. (h) the disposal of sanitary sewage for such buildings cannot be on site, all raw sewage must lead to a treatment plant and ultimately disposed at distances away from Rivers, Beaches and Fishing areas. The health of tenants is paramount. God Bless you.

  6. 1.A five story building will require the use of a couple of elevators…..who will pay to maintain them ?
    2. Which shell company belonging to RichRD Fredrick will get the contract.
    3. Then it will require security and Harlan securities that belong to DAX who is Fredrick lapdog will get that contract .
    Everyday , more and more St. Lucians prove that their IQ of 62 is alive and well…….

    • While there are plenty of dek deks here I think it is more a case of people realising the situation for what it is. The politicians using them to gain money and power so the people playing along to get whatever scraps they can.

    • Did you ask “what shell company” Chas and his crew maintained when the were in power? NO, you didn’t! Man, eat Crow and …. Fill in the dots.


  8. What is wrong with this FAKE individual? Why don’t you suck the grapes and stuff all the other things down your throat cause you seem to lack basic knowledge.
    I was not the least bit surprised when I saw the two individuals involved in this SCHEME. Jock Him face was glowing cause he could see $$$$ for ADA INC and Richy, the account getting fatter.
    Putting all this aside I’m concerned as many others about the location. This is maybe the most flood prone place in St Lucia. What will happen to such a massive structure built on waterlogged soil. I guess Rayneau will have the contract to get a few more souls.

  9. Wow. Everyone is jumping the gun. How about asking which contractor will be building that bldg. Also is there any scientific proof that this is needed and will be a success? Remember bldg schools for bldg sake. Most of them are now basically empty, others are no longer schools and those secondary schools don’t even cater for the needs of our young nation. Where is the Feasibility study.? Anyways.

    • St Lucia has enough school buildings, they need to maintain what we already have not build more. What we need however is more companies offering tertiary level, development courses, vocational included for school leavers who were probably unsuccesful at CXC, but had to immediately integrate into the work force after secondary school.

      What we need is the reintroduction of adult education, for the undereducated. In the 1990’s every primary school on island in the communities offered basic reading, maths and general knowlege classes. Those days are long gone.

  10. The government has done good deeds??! I thought it was what they were put in office to do. It’s not working for and serving the people, it’s Good Deeds. What a joke!!!

  11. I admire the incentive!, however there are countless places like stefanies hotel in gros islet, check the place across from BTC boys training center…it’s been empty for at least a decade why not refurbish these places and rent them instead of building more and more…no less on sinkable flooded grounds in cul de sac, taking away from grass and grazing lands… what about the water? Where’s all the water coming from? Wasco?…… smph……
    Focus on IKEHU put everything thing into that hospital , close the stadium down! Woi smh

    • They like building new shiny toys when maintenance is so much cheaper. Just take a look at the CDC in the city become slum.

  12. One day you lucians will finally understand, no politician care about your well being, its only about how much money they can make and the crumbs they flash in your face to blind you and make you drunk on political party and color. I said from the jump whether is be red or yellow, chas or whoever is really running this SLP government and slp party, they all the god damn same .

  13. Now I understand why the new V/Fort Hospital which had started under the last Government was put on ice; NO MONEY TO BE MADE IN THAT/ no bobbol in that. Our priorities are cockeyed; so leave that Hospital to crumble, who is to blame? Chas of course.
    High Rise Condo is new to St. Lucia – But when I saw who is behind it I said, watch it. If the people of Castries couldn’t pay their Rent, how about buying a Condo in(where)Cul-de-Sac. If you become out of work, can’t pay the Mortgage, can’t pay MAINTENANCE FEE MONTHLY you become behind in too many payments(due to sickness, unemployment etc)guess what, you lose the down payment you slaved so long to save for a new home. You may not be the onlyone after that Hurricane storm; that schemer have been waiting/ he will not huff & puff or blow your house down, You have defaulted, so he?she?him will purchace the defaulters Condo, rent it to some other sucker and this is no CDC you rent will not be forgiven, you’re out. Be wise before you invest in any such scheme, because that’s what it is – A SCHEME.

  14. Do it you ah go ded, doh do it you ah go ded! UWPs were shouting at the top of their lungs that capital projects (such as housing, road building, etc) should be the impetus for growing the economy. Now that the plans are beginning to be rolled out, they screaming murder and for mercy! Of course they will. What else is expected from them, uh? And so, my government, truck on and grow the country and let Allen and his cabal remain in the political doldrum! Truck on, says The Crow.

  15. Somebody is working hard to ensure they collect their big pay day before the 5 years……. with the economic climate and downturn as it is now, even rent to buy schemes like these are risky. But like I said there is money and cuts to be made so despite the risk this will be pushed at least to start. Corruption, corruption

  16. hmm I wonder if this is going to be good cause I remember that housing scheme he did in marigot and it failed miserably and no body wanted to buy those houses cause they all looked the same and were the same color till they had to say ok lets sell the land instead and still the land was expensive and there are not much people in that marigot area

  17. I just want to know who will be maintaining that building. Will the condo owners be required to pay HOA fees? Already Lucians believe everything must be free in St Lucia since that’s the mindset these politicians have instilled in them. I see that becoming just another CDC, just out of town.

    • @Eyes to SEE. You just said a dirty word… maintaining. We know maintenance is an obscene word on the island.

  18. In which country can a gas attendant afford a condo? Which condo will ever cost $100,000. In an inflationary environment. Y”all know how to bamboozle stupid people boy.

    • that’s true but i think he was talking about the style of the building its like they will have it look like a condo but it aint a real condo cause both you and i know condos not cheap. but hear the joke isnt that the same land some years ago that was said that could not be used to do anything because of its massive flooding and the stability of the soil?

  19. HA HA HA. Richard will get a cool million from behind the scenes. Who knows, knows. Eyes wide shut.

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