Friday, February 21, 2020

World Bank funds for Saint Lucia

The World Bank has approved  a US$20 million for strengthening St. Lucia’s public health care system by improving accessibility, efficiency and responsiveness of key health services.

“We are pleased to partner with Saint Lucia on this high priority project that aims to improve health coverage for the people of Saint Lucia and advance progress towards achieving universal health coverage,” said Tahseen Sayed, World Bank’s Country Director for the Caribbean.

“Investing in people through better access to quality health services is essential to enable the next generations reach their full social and economic potential.”

The funds are being provided from the bank’s International Development Association

The Heath System Strengthening project will roll-out a package of health services, introduce financial incentives to improve service delivery, as well as upgrade health infrastructure and scale up preparedness and response for public health emergencies.

Life expectancy has increased in recent years and reached 75 years in 2015.

However, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases have increased and remain the leading cause of mortality. Recent outbreaks of Chikungunya and cases of Zika have also highlighted gaps in public health preparedness and response.

The World Bank said specifically, the project aims to ensure that at least 100,000 people on the island of 178,000 inhabitants are registered to the National Health Scheme by the end of the project.

It also ensures that at least 60 per cent of diabetic and hypertensive patients over 18 years old are treated according to national protocols in public primary health care facilities. In addition, primary health care centers will be equipped to serve as the first point of detection for selected infectious diseases.


  1. I hope this money goes into a ‘lock box’ to be used for the purposes specified.
    With the incompetence of this government and mismanagement the money might be used for anything but what it has been allocated.
    Probably for Chastanet to fly to some unknown destination to mispeak about some nonsense.

  2. The World Bank said specifically, the project aims to ensure that at least 100,000 people on the island of 178,000 inhabitants are registered to the National Health Scheme by the end of the project
    to pip and richass i hope you get it now thanks to chas

  3. MI EH CHOU zort read sar deban sucier labar.
    Bank moduial dakour so Govedma Chas ep e let ehday. toff zort sans hont.

  4. This is a very vague press release.


    Investing in which infrastructure, VH or SJH, both or prioritizing the needs of one or the other.

    Set up cost for National Health Insurance.

    Loan or Grant

    If loan then what are the terms and source of unquestionable ability to pay. What’s our current National Efficiency Ratio against current Debt Service Ratio

    Will this be used to pay back EU, the investor in OKEU, pay off nurses and doctors,hush money for boys and party money for their kabal.

    Refit the expired VH. Of the mentioned 100,000 what will be their contributory cost in paying back USD $20M.

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