BBC:-Dutch men are uploading pictures of themselves holding hands on to social media to stand against homophobia.

The trend was sparked by an alleged attack on two gay men on a street in the Netherlands on Sunday.

The images are being shared via the hashtags #handinhand and #allemannenhandinhand (all men hand in hand).

Politicians, celebrities, football pundits and workers have joined in, throughout the Netherlands and beyond.

Jasper Vernes-Sewratan, 35, and Ronnie Sewratan-Vernes, 31, say they were attacked by a group of men in the early hours of Sunday morning in Arnhem, in the country’s east.

Their story was widely publicised and they appeared on Dutch talk show Pauw earlier this week, where they described being set upon after holding hands.

The lawyer of one of the alleged attackers also appeared on the show, later in the week, claiming the pair threw the first punch.

The couple have emphatically denied this.

Gay couples in Amsterdam and Eindhoven also reported being assaulted because of their sexuality over the weekend, according to Dutch media.

In some parts of the world, including India and some African countries, men commonly hold hands, taking it as a sign of friendship and respect.

The Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage in 2011.

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