AfricaNews. :-There is widespread outrage in Ghana following the mistaken lynching of a top official of the country’s armed forces.

Captain Maxwell Mahama was reportedly lynched at dawn on Monday when he went jogging in a town called Denkyira Obuasi located in the country’s Central region.

According to local media portals, residents in a town mistook the officer for an armed robber and subsequently stoned and burnt him. He was detailed by the army to the area to protect a local mine.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has officially spoken on the matter and given assurances that the death will not go unpunished.

The immediate past President John Dramani Mahama also sent condolences to the family of the late Captain who was in line to be promoted to a Major.

“My heart goes out to my brother, Capt. Chubby Adam Mahama (Rtd.) on the murder of his son, Capt. Maxwell Mahama. #RestinPeaceMaxwell

“And my condolences to the wife of Capt. Maxwell Mahama, his young children & to his mother on the loss of her only son. #RestinPeaceMaxwell,” his tweets read.

The death has sparked outrage in the country with various civil society groups condemning the killing and calling for perpetrators to be brought to justice.

The incident has rekindled the issue about security and the need to follow the law in dealing with criminal suspects.

Ghanaians on social media continue to talks against instant/mob justice and its demerits. Members of Parliament have also joined calls for speedy investigations over the incident.

Army storms town in search of killers

Meanwhile the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) whiles calling for calm among its rank and file has deployed men to the town to investigate the death.

Though such crime issues are in the hands of the police, the GAF said in a statement that the Army Chief was leading a fact-finding mission to the area.

“A high-powered fact-finding team led by the Chief of the Army Staff is proceeding to the scene of the incident to ascertain the facts of the case… In the meantime, our troops have been urged to remain calm whilst action is being taken to bring the perpetrators of this dastardly act to book,” the statement read.

Meanwhile some residents are fleeing the town over fears of reprisal attacks by the army. A local council head – known as Assembly man – who is said to have instigated the attack is at large.

The local government head – known as the District Chief Executive – also told the media that rampaging soldiers had taken about 80 men hostage while women and children have been held up in a church in the town.


  1. Take your time and think about the whole scenario. Case study, how should such a high official could be deployed to such a sensitive level of security matters without proper defence. This young soldier is just vulnerable for power hunger to rise to the top and rule over the long serving soldiers . If this village got punished the MOD Officials can not go unpunished. It’s all started from MOD Official, to exposed him to early death as he is in to become a Major.

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