Sky News:- The father of the man who shot dead 49 people at an Orlando nightclub has told Sky News the attack could have been prevented if the club had better security.

Seddique Mateen said he shares the grief of the victims’ families, and that religion had nothing to do with his son’s actions.

But he said the nightclub must share responsibility for the worst mass shooting in US history, in which 49 people were killed and 53 others injured.

Mr Mateen, the father of 29-year-old security guard Omar Mateen, told Sky News: “That club should have had good security.

“The club, (with) 300 or 400 people … coming – they should have good security. If there was good security, he wouldn’t have had this opportunity.

“Why the law enforcement team was so late – they should have neutralised him quick … This should not have happened.”

He added: “Obviously if (the club) had that kind of experience, they should have had better security and after this any club should have security.

“They should protect people that come in the club.”

Authorities are investigating Omar Mateen’s motives in the shooting, although the FBI said he appears to be a “homegrown extremist” who professed support for a mixture of often-conflicting Islamic radical groups.

During the attack he called 911 to proclaim his allegiance to the Islamic State group.

FBI Director James Comey said Mateen was clearly “radicalised”, at least in part via the internet.

But Mr Mateen said religion had “nothing to do with” his son’s actions.

“No religion or background teaches you to harm somebody or kill someone.

“It’s a lone act: he’s responsible for what he’s doing – not the religion or background.

“I don’t forgive what he did – it’s unforgivable because we didn’t teach him to do this.

“I taught him to become more educated and more service-oriented towards the community.”

Mr Mateen said he “didn’t see any obvious” signs his son held prejudices against the LGBT community.

Mr Mateen said he “didn’t see any obvious” signs his son held prejudices against the LGBT community.

“If I knew and noticed something wrong … I would have called the law enforcement.”