Thursday, October 6, 2022

Yachtsman In Distress Rescued Off Cap Estate

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Officials say that a French helicopter crew plucked a yachtsman in distress from off his vessel Sunday about 10:00 pm, after the Finnish national encountered difficulty navigating rough seas North East of Cap Estate.

On his way to Martinique, where he is resident, the man was the only person on board at the time when he experienced ‘equipment malfunction’.

According to reports, the rough seas hampered a rescue attempt by Saint Lucia’s Marine Police.

As a result, the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in Martinique dispatched a helicopter to assist.

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After getting the yachtsman off his vessel, the French rescue mission handed him over to local officials, who indicated that he was uninjured and in ‘good spirits’ despite his ordeal.

Headline photo: Internet stock image courtesy Amitabh Varma (

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  1. Blessed is he who has regard for the weak ; the LORD will delivers him in time of trouble !
    Unless the LORD had given me help
    I would be soon dwelt in the bottom
    of death.
    Praise be to GOD ! My Rock,and my God, who have saved me from being
    a proie.

  2. Boy trapped in Fridge eat own foot as RSLPF unable to figure out how to open the fridge .😂

  3. What everyone is forgetting is the amount of money government spends on these marine police to just clown around in these boats. Why not make all those losers redundant and make a deal with Martinique we would be 100 times better off

  4. After so many years since the initial recue missions off some of our highest mountains, one would think that for once, somewhere within these crazy budgets, some sort of funding would be allocated for a rescue-copter and training in such a field by now!!!

    • @Smh. Don’t even think about it. There’s no room for poor maintenance on these birds. They generally fall like rocks. It would be safer to stay in the water than hop aboard a craft flown by RSLPF. Trust me.

      • very true poule foo, Lucia not ready and prob never will be ready for that kind of maintenance and work. Them brechanics we have here with on the job training will cause many to die before they even understand how this works.

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