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Updated on July 7, 2020 8:49 am
Updated on July 7, 2020 8:49 am
Updated on July 7, 2020 8:49 am

Young Male Dead, Another Man Injured In Confrontation With Cops

An unidentified youth is  dead and a 28-year old male is hospitalised  following a confrontation with Saint Lucia police Wednesday night after ten, according to  multiple sources.

A firearm was recovered, it was reported.

A law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that the deceased is from La Clery.

Another male, aged 19, is in police custody, it has been reported.

Multiple sources report hearing the sound of heavy gunfire near the junction of Chaussee and La Pansee Roads.

A video of police vehicles and armed law enforcement officials was posted on social media.

Emergency officials told St Lucia Times that the 17 year old male succumbed to his injuries on the scene while the other male  was transported to Victoria Hospital with a wound to the pelvic area.

The injured man is said to be a resident of Bois Patat, Castries.

A law enforcement source told St Lucia Times that the 19 year old who is in custody is the brother of the injured man.

A resident of the area who spoke to St Lucia Times on condition of anonymity said she was awakened by the sound of a number of gunshots.

“I heard the sound of gunfire – several shots; like more than twenty shots rang out so when I looked, I saw the back of a white car in the mouth of the La Pansee Road. Then I saw the police doing their usual – taking up clues on the scene and stuff,” she stated.

The woman told St Lucia Times that she saw an ambulance on the scene that transported one of the injured.

“A hearse came to pick up a dead man and that was about it,” she disclosed, adding that a number of people from the area rushed out of their houses to see what was happening.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times the police, acting on a tip off, began tailing a white vehicle in which there were several male occupants.

It is reported that there was an exchange of gunfire when the vehicle reached the junction of Chaussee Road and La Pansee, resulting on the death of the young male, injury to the 28-year old and the arrest of the 19 year old.

Saint Lucia has seen a sharp spike in gun violence in recent time, the most recent involving the discovery of a bullet riddled body at Anse La Raye Wednesday night.

The deceased male is yet to be identified.




  1. All of them should be dead because one way or the other those thugs need to be off the streets.

    • I leave u there for them to kill ur children and they children too cause not everybody the police chase are thugs wrong place wrong time

      • His children are more likely to be killed by one of those gangsta fag boys than a police officer. You think everyones mind resides in the ghetto like yours? Pathetic. Get an education.

      • Yes you a hole you. So people should let you little criminals to run wild in the streets doing what you’ll want. You’ll have guns like we have a secret army here. I am in full agreement with Lucian. If you guys are not willing to put the guns down and change then all of you should die and die with great haste. And may God protect his children from people like you.

    • Where they get tha gun from.when they cant even feed and take care of them selves.the thugs are the one in the suits.the one everyone seems to respect and see as nice individuals.know ur facts

    • What so ever u may call us you are not God…. No man will sit an watch his family suffer.. He will make ends meet one way or another… But police officers who’s dutys are to sever an protect are the ones doing all criminal activities for a extra dollar an hiding behind the uniform…. So tell me again who are the thugs

  2. Wait… The family must say how GOOD A BOY HE WAS and HAS NO PROBLEMS WITH ANY ONE. POLICE DO Y’ALL JOB… I await to read more missions like this one…

    • Yea all of yaul rally for botham jean but yaul happy the police killing our children crime never wicked till it reach ur door step i leave them to kill yaul children too

      • Really u wanna compare somebody coming into someones house and killing them claiming is a mistake to a group of men getting shot at by police cause they opened fire on the police. Really. Oh my gosh. What is this world coming to. Police shoul kill all them so called bad man cause they hv don’t give a **** about anybody. If u get shot u get shot. The robbing and killing u jusso. It could be my bro or my son they do bad kill their ***

      • Justic for all,are u saying it’s ok for a 17 year old and a 19 year old to be firing back at police officers and i also heard the police vehicle had gunshot holes as well,if they were decent they would of stopped when the police try to shop them,if could be my son if he’s into crime let police take him down,these guys rape and kill and rob people, our tourists, are u on the criminals side ?justice

  3. Good job Boy Blue get those vermin off the streets what they doing with guns in their possession you have business or property to protect!? It’s unfair law abiding citizens cannot walk the streets at nights for fear of these scum of the earth.

    • I was by the Gros Islet bus stop at the time and I heard the shots ringing. Sounding like some high power equipment. Well done officers. Many more to go. Don’t be stupid about it this time though.

  4. Show them that our officers can shoot too; retaliate if you have to, but shoot to kill! you are not criminals like those who shot at you! !
    Be prepared for Miss Mary, the selfish one.THIS IS ZABO’s OPINION

  5. We need to take back our country and streets, from all these young people who just want to commit crimes and kill innocence people. the police need to crack down on them in all areas spear no one. so we can once again have our streets safe again. great…… job officers.

  6. all of urll tht commenting **** is really dumb it wont stop as on gone a next one born it ust gets worse soo face reality..and wake up..look for urll illegal firearms too!!.commenting under those articles..wont do ****..its just annoying..

    • Ppl like you should not be parents. Vieux sutiwez!!! If you breeding criminals, then you should expect death soon for their criminal ways.

  7. Yea all of yaul rally for botham jean but yaul happy the police killing our children crime never wicked till it reach ur door step i leave them to kill yaul children too

    • my children grow up poor with hardly anything and they never hang out in ghetto or gangs!Never had to go school not once!Now they working doing their own lil businesses and have to worry about your worthless youth coming and rob there.Go screw yourself and tie your tubes!

      • Good answer. The Police officers should wash out more them dirty rag heads.

  8. Justice for all shut up. !! Maybe you have a cut from these criminals. My son was shot by one of those bastards and up to now police eh know who. He was on his way from work. It could be one of those criminals. Bravo officers. All three should be dead.👏👏👏

    • Mirose, yes tanto tanto. Wishing death on 3 innocent individuals. I hope you have no children or grandchildren. The driver was changed with traffic charges and release and the 17 yr old was released with any charges. Food for thought for you. Be careful what you wish upon other people the pit you dig for others, you might just fall in it.

  9. Some of these young men in particular have no manners, and engage in a lot of antisocial behavior. It is not exclusive to St. Lucia or the Caribbean. A lot of this type of behavior is copied from UPSO; I don’t want to name the country, but read between the lines. Also, examine the videos and music that some of these young men play and listen to, and it will give you most of the answer. Also, when you have parents going into schools and fighting teachers, and injuring teachers, don’t expect any better from the children. As a man lives, so shall he die; jail or grave take your pick.

  10. Great job to the RSPF,continue to get these thugs off the streets,and into the cemeteries, lets take back dear helen from those thugs.

  11. I for one do not trust these police officers thing are modernized right now. I thinks it is high time our police officers wear body cameras and their patrol unit with dash cameras.

    • Yes I agree. Police here should have body camera to exonerate them from unnecessary criticism.

  12. Washay cock da yo. is hear they can’t hear let them know that crime don’t pay
    Any one critisize my opinion as a law abiding citizen it means that you are one of those The only way things can go good here in saint Lucia is to rip off their wisdom teeth with a shot. Too many gunslingers in town … Police do your job.

  13. My two Cents for what it’s worth. If the young men were shooting at the police then they deserve all what was handed to them. If on the other hand they did not use their weapon. Then the police should have some explaining to do. I will reserve judgement until I get more concrete information. I think many on this board are prejudging what happened without the necessary info to make comments both for and against what transpired.

  14. Jah alone know what they were up to before police spoil their plan…. check to see if the GUNS ARE LINKED TO ANY OTHER CRIMES…

    • And check to see if their fingerprints are on this gun. Because a man has locks doesn’t make him a thug. If I was their lawyer I would push for fingerprints. I know these young men. Only after the print shows that they handled that gun would I believe this crap. We are here praising the police and they should be if the young men were involved in any criminal activity. As far as I have heard they know very well that they made a mistake but because the shot and killed an innocent young man they will not own up but rather planted a gun. It would be interesting to get that gun tested and finger printed , to find out that these guys never touched this gun as they have never seen it before, then for all you people who are praising the police for killing an innocent youth to be ashame of you’ll selves. As a citizen I respect the police but we have dirty unconscionable bastard police officers that are the real criminals. It’s because they are criminals they can plant guns when they have made a mistake and still beat up the alleged suspect to get him to confess to their crime. Again it’s all because they know the social status of the young men, that the family is not wealthy, that they can treat them that way but karma don’t die, so let us see God play this out, for he is a God of justice. As some has said be careful you will not praise them when this reach your doorstep. Just some food for thought.

      • Yes that is a possibility but I’ve also heard they police issued them a command to stop. They did not adhere to that command. Also heard they were driving the wrong way up one way streets evading the police. Now what what you as a police officer do in that situation knowing full well the situation with firearms in the country? I’m not saying the police couldn’t make up a story to cover their tails. But even if the guys didn’t shoot as you say, their behaviours leading up to the event (if to be believed) gives the police grounds to be very suspicious and trigger happy.

  15. To much exploitation by the private sector is causing all the crime in St Lucia the government need to implement a minimum wage rate of 12:50 an hour so the poor working class and blue collar workers can leave their home to work to have something so if the police want to go and do the dirty work for the Babylon system they will have blood on their hands

  16. Wow! Hospital, cemetery and jail all in one night. Go figure huh. Don’t say the songs didn’t warn y’all.

  17. The Police officers did the right thing. Wipe and swipe these bunch of thugs on our streets. Remember Police officers defend yourself 100%

  18. Come on people he was a wonderful respectful and all the good things he was just looking for love his mom left him in a house by him self whiles working on a cruise ship i’m so sorry Jonah, rip u were a sweet heart

  19. Attorney not at law, what you’ve said have merit, but still if you already realized that you’ve made a mistake my lord don’t let that other 19 year old, who just landed himself a little reaching job be locked up in a cell for not stopping at a command of the police cause he was not the driver. As far as I understand the reason the driver didn’t stop was because the vehicle was not insured and he did not have a valid driver’s license. If this is a reason to open fire on a vehicle not knowing who the occupants are then one third of St. Lucian should suffer this same treatment, as many of us always try to evade the police when we know some if our documents that allows us to drive on the streets is not in order. However you point is valid they should have suffered the consequences of being charged for driving without proper documentation and not subject themselves to this tragic fate.

  20. For all of you who played judge, jury and executioner, wish death upon some because the driver tried to evade police for not having proper documentation to drive on the road, here is the result. The 19 year old has been released and the driver who was driving without insurance was retained. My conclusion that gun thing was some dirty harry cop covering the murder of an innocent 17 year old boy who was just being transported to his home. How very sad. It is truth that some of us here saying all these terrible things calling people children thugs, this may hit your doorstep someday. Be careful people listen, listen and listen again before passing judgment.

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