Young Male Dies After Motorcycle Collision With Coaster

A young male on a motorcycle succumbed Sunday after a collision with a Coaster at Ravine Chabot, police say.

The deceased was identified as Brad Fatal.

Another male who also on the motorcycle at the time was injured, according to reports.

Photo posted on social media

An emergency official told St Lucia Times that the Saint Lucia Fire Service received a report of the incident about 7:20 a.m and responded with an ambulance and a fire truck.

According to the official, two males were transported to hospital.

Both are reported to have sustained serious injuries, with Fatal subsequently being pronounced dead.



      • Miss Karla do not mind that ass**** ‘Joe’ – he was loved and cherished by many. He will forever be in our hearts and NEVER forgotten. His legacy lives on with Nico. Gone too soon, devastating. Love you sis.

    • This young man was brought up in a family oriented home and for those of you all who dont know him put the shut to the up. He was the sweetest young man and pleasant and was just never tolerable of ppl like you “Joe”.and yall dishonestly taking advantage of others i knew him from his mother’s womb growing up as a boy..may you rest in perfect peace Brad..Jah guidance..xoxo!!

      • same brad who went shooting after people and stabbing people before he run overseas? You are hypocrites or don’t know this creature. Go lastic hill to find out.

    • That was not a very nice thing to say! He was a human being and belong to a family. I hope you or your family never have to go through the pain of losing a love one in a tragic death. If you did not know what to say you could have send your prayers to the family in thier time of Sorrow. May the power of God be with you. May your soul rest in external peace my Brother.

      • Hitler was a human being and had a family. Not every human acts in a manner to receive praises when they die.

    • Lmao 😂. Y’all making JOE get under y’all skin and for what ?
      Keep it moving.
      His family and friends feeling the loss right now.
      If you have money to buy bike, you probably should have money to buy helmet and all other protective equipment to ride that bike. See too many of these mishaps in St. Lucia.
      Wrap it up ..

  1. And in a tragic twist of fate Mr. Fatal is the victim of a fatal vehicle accident. May he rest in peace.

  2. Alex his sole was on the ground but his SOUL will rest in peace. You all dont read anymore, stay all day on cell phones and playing video games.

  3. smh. Here we go again. RIP. rest in peace, gone but not forgotten and we wait to read for the next road fatality and post the same thing. How long should this continue and be accepted. Simple. Islandwide education and enforcement. SPEED and HELMETS. Too many motorcycle accidents and deaths and I notice a small trend form last year with mini buses and taxis. Another young male, husband, father, bread winner gone. Police need speed guns, motorists need to be re educated.

  4. R.i.p fatal. You will never be forgotten my brother your legacy lives on in the harts of all family and friends, but you’ll live forever in the hand of GOD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,value your life because it cost more than your house or car,, just as his life been valuable to all his loved one’s.,,,,,,,,overstand.

  5. Another young man dead from a motorcycle accident- its like young men do not know of the rampant fatalities- Do they watch news? Do they read the newspapers? Do they listen to the advise from friends and other loved one? Do they understand the reality of statistics and probability? Do they heed the warnings from traffic police/ transport ministry and our established laws? MA MEME SAV!!!!

    There were no brake marks at the scene- meaning that the coaster or bike didn’t have any prior warning of the collision- just a head on crash! I know because I heard when the bike started (vroom vroom vroom) then it took off and in 2 seconds a loud crash! Did these two guys look for this sad fate? What ever it is- WE, YOUNG MEN NEED TO BE MORE MATURE AND RESPONSIBLE. RIP

  6. Condolences to his family. I h St Lucians would desist from the insensitive comments. This young man could have been anyone’s son. It was a sad way to lose his life. Accidents happen. May his family find strength to cope with the loss.

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