Young Male Hospitalised After Soufriere Shooting

A young male was rushed to the Soufriere Hospital Friday evening after a shooting incident in the community, Soufriere residents say.

The young man, identified by the residents only as ‘Jeffers’, is reported to have sustained a gunshot wound to the thigh.

The incident occurred at Fond Bernier, Soufriere about 6.00 pm, a law enforcement official confirmed.

It was not immediately clear what led up to the shooting.

A brief video of the victim wearing a blood-soaked pair of trunks was posted on social media.

He was at the time at the back of a vehicle which is understood to have transported him to the hospital.


  1. It is evident from that recent violent incident that the community meeting and deployment of special forces did not work or is it too early to tell.We need some more effective interventions. The gun laws need to be enforced.

  2. Please young people stop hurting each other, its not worth it. Please find better ways to solve your issues.
    The world is already in turmoil. Pray and drop all bad company. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
    please Just stop.

    • The Devil had nothing to do with this shooting nor any other shootings. The person who committed the crime is the only one responsible. Can the shooter go in front of a judge and claim that the Devil made him do it and walk out the courthouse a free man? It is his own criminal mind that caused him to do it.
      St. Lucia is the most murderous and criminal infested country in the Eastern Caribbean. The frequency of these murders and shootings is a National Scandal.

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