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Updated on June 6, 2020 8:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 8:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 8:30 am

Young Male Shot In Castries

A 23 year old male was shot in the leg at La Pansee, Castries Tuesday night, officials have confirmed.

The incident occurred about 9.00 pm, according to reports.

The yet unidentified youth was transported to hospital via ambulance.

There are no further details at this time.


  1. Kenny could not make you safe but chastnet is doing it now. Well done Chas. No jibs so there must be crime.

  2. St. Lucia has the potential to be the best and most productive island in the Caribbean. It has untapped resources, the large land size, many other things make it ripe success. But pity, it is inhabited by so many ignorant stupid people. You could become a “have island”, but instead it’s easier to be dumb and instead hold out a hand with crooked fingers. begging the “whites” for their table scraps. Keep up the violent stupidity us “whites” will tell you all to go ***k yourselves. We can’t keep bailing you out with our touristic dollars if it’s too dangerous. If we quit on you, your island shrivels up and becomes a $***hole. country. Time to choose folks!

    • Good evening to everyone who commented. There are lots of things i agree upon concerning St lucia. There will always be crimes committed, wether it be gang related, theft etc.
      I cannot excuse what others have experienced before in the past in St lucia bothfor the (Tourist) and the locals but insulting those who are ignorant and ”Stupid” as the last commentor stated earlier is harsly cruel.
      There are smart, sensible and inteligent people who do Stupid things and they also display ignorant attributes.
      An individual is most of thethe time 95% responsible for their actions some others through certain uncontrolable circumstances.
      Be it young or old a human being ‘Should’ know the difference between wrong, right, good and bad. So one chooses to do go out there and do their crimes, some of them first timers others it’s habitual.
      Educated people, working people, steal, beg for money and other things to their own locals not just to Tourist.
      Lack of jobs is a major problem added to it but bear in mind that there are lots of personal problems that one faces throughout their life.
      Every country you will find the same issues and problems. Ignorance, thieves, beggars, war, stupidity and the lost go on. Even the best Countries in the world.
      Some places are just brillant in covering up their crimes as such.
      I would like to apologize on behalf of the people in my country for those who have been victims of crime etc both locals and foreigners but it’s sad to read those words (beggars, Stupid, ignorant).
      Remember that the world started with violence and other bad attributes and it will continue.
      For those who pray continously and have faith still in Humanity keep on believing. It takes always one good person to start the ripple effect.
      It’s the responsibilty of the Priminister, President and heads of government to help the people become better and progress along with the country.
      All we need is more strength, encouragement and support from our people especially in times of Voting and after. It’s the people who can make the difference not those who are put on the Podiums to rule.
      Poverty and Wealth doesn’t make the heart of a person it’s knowing right from wrong and making the right decision. People will come and go but love will never die.
      I hope the young man gets proper medical care and whatever reason he was shot for or if it was an innocent by-stander or gang related i pray it’s resolved soon.
      Just one last point in those bigger and more advanced countries there are also people begging Tourist the same way so what is there to say about that. These people could also find a job etc but as i said earlier there is always a reason why they do these things. Lets keep an open mind.
      St lucia has crime but it has not evolved or gotten to the point of ……….. and i leave it there.

  3. The boys settling their own feuds,and the police letting them do.Isent this a replay of the old days?

  4. If the police is laying low, then this will always continue. If it’s weed I’m sure they would find the planter. Why can’t they find the killaz. It’s a I don’t care game for the law men, because amongst them, their colleagues, friends, padna ect are law breakers too. So, who cares about who will guard the guards. They can’t even solve a case, when one of their own was suspected as the accused, farless an outside crime.

  5. The Guy who got Shot know exactly who and why He was Shot.I am positive He will never give the Police the Information as to who Shot Him .The question is why wont He give the police the information?

  6. The guy who get shot kill the 17 year old last week mucquaid is name is the police not doin nun about him the 17 year old friends roll on him he that kill akim antione ppl he. An his boss for his boss chain witch someone stole at his house an he sayin is akim is deh any officer watching that take info mucquaid from chase gardens la pansee go arrest him

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