Friday, September 30, 2022

Young Phone Snatcher Nabbed In Castries

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A young phone snatcher in Castries was eventually caught Wednesday after being pursued by his victim who raised an alarm.

Hot 7 TV News reported on the incident.

The local television channel identified the victim as Joycelyn Joseph.

According to the news report, thanks to quick action of members of the public who heard Joseph’s cry for help, the young thief was apprehended.

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He was seen being led away by the police.

His victim told Hot 7 TV news that she was walking at the back of the Blue Coral building listening through ear phones  to music on her mobile phone.

She said the youth came in front of her, snatched the device and ran off.

“I ran after him – I shouted: ‘Gimme my phone! Drop my phone!’ Until others tried to run after him and find him for me and the police got him,” Joseph recalled.

Hot 7 TV quoted onlookers as saying that the youth who snatched the mobile telephone has had several run-ins with the law.

Headline photo: Courtesy Hot 7 TV News

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