Young Saint Lucian Held In Martinique For Murder

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A 28 year old Saint Lucian has been held for murder by Martinique law enforcement officials.

Public Prosecutor Renaud Gaudeul, in a statement to the media this week, did not identify the suspect by name.

But he disclosed that the Saint Lucian national managed to flee to his native island but returned to Martinique in July, 2020.

The wanted man was arrested Thursday morning about 6.00 am in a house at Trois Islets after a series of search operations.

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The Martinique law enforcement official said the suspect had a firearm in his possession at the time.

The Saint Lucian national was wanted for the murder of Grégory MERANOS who was fatally shot in November 2019 in Saint Joseph.

The Martinique Prosecutor said the victim and a companion had been attacked by two individuals at the exit of a snack bar.

He stated that one of the attackers fired in the direction of Grégory MERANOS  hitting him in the abdomen.

The victim collapsed and died.

The second attacker is reported to have stolen valuables from the man who was with the deceased, before fleeing.

According to investigators, while in custody, the young Saint Lucian admitted to killing MERANOS in a drug-related matter.

On Friday, the suspect was indicted for murder and armed robbery and placed in custody at Ducos penitentiary.

He faces life in prison.


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