Young Thief Caught in the Act!

A minor, estimated to be about thirteen years of age, was caught on video stealing from a shop at Bexon.

The store owner told the Times that the youngster, whose face we are prohibited by law from showing, is in the habit of stealing from his establishment.

According to the owner, Orin Williams, the young man chooses to enter the shop at the busiest times when he believes most persons will be distracted.

Williams disclosed that complaints were made to the youngster’s mother who keeps insisting that her child does not steal.

Now shop owner has the evidence on film.

He told the Times that he decided to install CCTV cameras in his business establishment after a spate of thefts.

In the latest incident, the teenager stole a bottle of coke and hid it under his shirt.

Asked what further action he would take, the shop owner’s response was:

“Right now I am going to work at the hotel and my lady has to be in the shop, but when you go to the station you have to be waiting for hours you lose a day’s pay for nothing.”

Williams disclosed that he has a similar matter pending since 2013.

“I cannot lose a day’s pay because I just got a job,” the owner asserted