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Updated on June 6, 2020 1:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 1:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 1:30 am

Young Woman Said To Be Mother Of Abandoned Baby Comes Forward

A young woman whose picture has been circulating on social media as the mother of the baby who was abandoned at Morne du Don last week has come forward to the authorities.

The Director of the Division of Human Services, Beverley Ann Poyotte made the announcement in a statement Friday.

“She has come forward to the Division and the police – interviews and assessments have been conducted with her to determine whether she is the mother,” Poyotte disclosed.

According to the Director of the Division of Human Services, preliminary investigations indicate that the young female may not be the mother.

However, Poyotte explained that ‘more conclusive analysis’ is being done.

She said the young lady is being provided with psycho-social treatment, as the posting of her picture and the negative comments which have been made are causing some anxiety and potential trauma.

Poyotte asserted that if not addressed, the situation can lead to further psycho-social deterioration.

“The Division would therefore like to urge the public to desist from circulating inaccurate information, as these actions contribute to the negative impact on a person’s mental health,” she stated.

The abandoned baby whom residents of Morne Du Don rescued last week is now in the temporary care of a family.

Poyotte said the family will provide the baby with the love, care and attention necessary.

On May 15,  2020, a passerby heard the abandoned newborn crying and upon investigating, found the child in a shopping bag.

An ambulance took the infant to the Owen King European Union Hospital (OKEUH) a short time afterwards.

The Director of the Division of Human Services disclosed that medical officials attended to the baby and completed all clinical assessments.

“Baby is healthy and thriving. He is feeding well and behaving in a manner which is in keeping with his age. His date of birth has been determined as May 15, 2020,” Poyotte said.





  1. Well it’s unfortunate situation but the mother deserve NUFF FIRE for what she has done discarding the child like used toilet paper in the manner in which she did she deserves to be scorned for her remaining days on earth until the child forgives her not John Public. What she did was a great sin.

    • @Lucian Highgrade … you have NO IDEA of what this young lady went through – you’re way too quick to pass judgement without knowing the young lady’s circumstances. Do you know if she is going through a trauma? Such as rape, incest, or any other physical or mental trauma? You are in NO POSITION to cast judgement on a defenceless female teenager. Situations happen … at least her baby is healthy and in good care. Most important. Further, she had the guts to bear a baby on her own (you don’t even have the balls to do that – btw, “balls” are weak, injure quickly, and take weeks to “bounce back”!). Watch what you write – you have no idea!!

      • She left the child for dead and I feel not one iota of sympathy for her or her ‘story’. That is the blueprint for how you build a society of unaccountability. Make an excuse and situeez people for ghastly and atrocious behaviour. I am stunned by the people they put in charge of these departments and the stupidness they come up with.

  2. The Woman Who Circulated the Ridiculous voice note about the Young Lady should be arrested and Charged for Deformation to Charactor .Why Should Someone in their Normal Senses Fabricate a Story on an Innocent Girl .Her photo was posted on Social Media.All that person’s information can be Recovered From Digicel or Flow .The Authorities Should make an example of Her .Others would take note

    • Initial investigations only debunked 3 allegations – her age, the other young lady’s age and the alleged father is not her brother. Let’s wait an see what the DNA test says.

  3. I saw a cropped photo of the baby and the young lady in question. Striking resemblance. If she is not the mother I’m beginning to doubt that my daughter isn’t mine either.

  4. There are only three facts about this baby and we all know for sure. He is a St. Lucian…. He is a male and he is black. Anything else we have to wait for the authority to say.

  5. may not be the mother?? wat kinda ting dat uh?? girl if u wana come forward come if u the mother say so….woye too much story with this..the baby needs love and care right now…..

    but wait….we dont say criminals come forward dont we???

  6. So it was a ‘woman’ who circulated pertinent (private & personal) information about the presumed mother
    of this child; shame on you woman, whoever you are. None of us know what trauma this poor soul must have
    been going through – so we should have compassion, because I’m sure she needs professional & spiritual help.

  7. No one has the right to Judge, now who is perfect? Man, woman. Tell me who has the Right to Judge? Because, I was done the same way by my mom.

  8. Im so proud i saved his life big up bois patat inspite of all the negligence towards the community we are proud💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💁‍♀️💪

  9. I make no excuse as I am not the one to pass judgement. The only one who qualifies to judge is the Lord. One thing I do know is that there is lots of mental illness diagnosis which very often goes untreated.

    People can sometime “look normal” but inside may be raging war. In addition, incest and sexually and mental abuse is also very rampant in St. Lucia and that needs to be addressed sooner than later.

    Therefore, the facts in this situation is of paramount importance.

  10. Many St Lucians want to see more mentally ill persons on the street. If someone does a sin, we all want to sin to correct the sin of that person because we think that our response is a lessor sin. There are many persons who have been killed emotionally, psychologically or emotionally in St Lucia and are only waiting to die physically. We all do what is wrong and many situations people fight against, perhaps they themselves did the same thing, similar or worse (abortion in this case). Even the Bible supports this idea in Romans 2:1.

    A normal thinking person does not leave their baby by the side of the road. If she is the mother, there must be a reason for doing so. I don’t think the mother of this child wanted the new born to die, she would have cut the umbilical cord so that the baby could bled to death or she would allow the child to die before taking its corps to the roadside. The mother of the child needs help and compassion. Many young people do not have proper guidance and they don’t know what to do when faced with difficult situations.

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