Saturday, December 7, 2019

Youngsters aged 12-17 held after Vieux Fort death

Six youngsters aged between 12 and 17 are currently in police custody in connection with the discovery of the body of a male individual on Boriel Beach in Vieux Fort yesterday.

Law enforcement sources told the Times that the youngsters are suspected of having stoned the deceased, identified as Moses Clovis, to death after an altercation.

Clovis was said to be in his forties.

The body was discovered at around on  Sunday and bore marks of violence, according to reports.




  1. Am not saying the kids had any right to take the law in thier hands, this man had hiv and he went around spreading this disease to him i say good riddins, forgive for saying that lord to the kids be strong

    • Do u have any proof that he was spreading HIV? And why wasn’t it reported? Since you know all that.. Smh you people need to get your facts right. No matter what they did not have to kill him. They did not give him life. They had no right to take his life. That’s expense on the mans family. If it was a member of your family you would not be talking . smh

      • Try all of them as adults
        These are the parent who encourage their children to disobey the law. You will get stones too

    • I hope that you are a ready for that same riddins to to be pass on to your if and when you have any. Thus sayth the lord.

  2. Because he had hiv he suppose to be stone to death. Yourl lucians don’t know what yourl want. Dont know if yourl want to be on the good side ir criminals side. (Words deleted)

  3. I see persons saying “That man had HIV and was always trying to attack and rape ppl.” and “this man had hiv and he went around spreading this disease”…was that ever proven or reported to the authorities???

    • so many times ask the nurses at Saint jude who he had in terror until the police warned him to stay away,pos

    • His status was confirmed and he was reported multiple times to police. Im sorry he had to go this way but i would have defended myself if he tried attacking me

      • Where’s the proof that he was trying to rape any of those young boys for them 6 of them to have to be trying to defend themselves? Outrageous defense! And of course, this is speculation as well, but this could have been 6 youngsters bored, trying to follow what they have been seeing everywhere (MURDER), wanting to try it (VIOLENCE) out for themselves, found themselves who they believed to be a good candidate for death (ALLEGED HIV MALE) and carried out a crime which in their mind is justifiable.
        Law is law, murder is murder, alleged HIV male is dead, and six young underaged boys did it. There is no self defense 6 against 1, having HIV does not make him bionic (stronger than 6?). Impossible! Wrongful death, they all do the time.
        To victim’s family, sorry for your loss. To all families of those young boys involved, pray for your kids that they don’t grow up and continue in this streak of violence.

  4. Respect dead people please a minimum of empathy and sympathy….did he give you aids shut up and respect the fact that someone lost their lives one no man has the power or right to take any one’s life…… death people cannor find peace with you’ll dirty tongues still tarnishing them..let the man rest in.peace

  5. Them kids should have a national award for ridding the community of a scumbag like that

    • You feel strong behind your computer or phone…show your face and your name if your so confident about what you say…he might have infected you,thats so mad….too late you will be getting rottened inside walk…….your the scumbag hope u get stoned soon or even.worst ran.over by a car slow painful death id point.fingers and laugh or your kids or family I wish them.the same fate as this man.even.worst I pray they finsh as scumbags

    • Really are u serious. . if it was your family member you wouldn’t be talking . your ads would be out there trying to take revenge. Such a nasty mouth an heartless person. God forgive you. Just remember what you said. Smh…

  6. HIV or not .that’s not the way to take his life.
    The best was to report the matter if he was affecting the community. Let the law deal with the situation. The kids had no right to take his life by stoning him to death. According to the report given. They should face the full force of the law..again that will not happened they will go free. There’s no justice in this world anymore. These kids had no sin that’s why they cast all their stones. Because the Lord was not there to tell them .who without sin cast the first stone..

    • Lol. That comment made my day. “they cast all their stones.” Brilliant, but confusing too. Anyway, if he was terrorizing people like some claim, then I applaud the kids for doing what the adults were afraid to do… Get rid of him. Civilian justice. I just hope that it doesn’t affect them in the future, or they repeat those actions. That’s a wake up call to the authorities, the POLICE, courts, ministers. DO YOUR JOBS!

      • Shut your mouth
        Small minded, if you can’t say sumthing good about somebody don’t say anything, nobody deserves to die so.

  7. The people encouraging these kids and saying that they should get an award…..just so u know ure developing criminals who not only will be stained and corrupted for life but will continue to go down the wrong path and be worse than the man they murdered at such tender ages…..this is sad for St. Lucia

    • Ikr. This_ i dont get. They saying he was always trying to attack n rape, well if that’s the case he should be in jail but i dont gwt it why they giving the kids right. These boys are just kids. All these praising thw kids for getting rid of him y didnt u do it yourself. Smh and tomorrow you hear another set of kids do something else then you will turn around like the hypocrites you are n say hang them or send them jail for life

    • The most high has gone back to his place. He will only put a hand when we gather our selves and repent.

  8. There’s no smoke without a fire it could be self defense we were not present let’s not judge

  9. They were old enough to kill, they should be old enough to take responsibility for their actions. Sad that that they were not interested in school but instead they were more interested in murder…. send them to jail.

  10. defense my foot… young kids like u all that is what u all want to do. Where is you all future? And guess if they were not caught they would be wearing their brown skirt and blue shirt and go to Beanefield Comprehensive like they so innocent. Damn girl you have a heart…… hope you and your future rot in jail.

  11. Why do we always think that only boys commit heinous crimes. Girls do too. In this case I was informed that the police arrested three girls and three boys.

    As a society, I think we are the ones to be blamed for the actions of our kids. We socialized them, we cultured them, they followed our examples. So parents, take a step back adds and do some introspection. Are we raising our kids for ourselves only or in such a manner that they could be good law abiding citizens. Let this evolving case be a guide to us all

  12. Children are learning from adults, because of all the negative things people are saying among the children that’s why the children saw it was fit to stone the man, pweents produce, now they have to face the law alone. Teach our children to respect others no matter what. If the man had attack one of them why couldn’t they report him. The children heard what the aduld said they would do so they did it, crime on a different level. Children at that age should be thinking of school or sports not murder. STOP BREEDING MURDERERS

  13. This guy went to my church. I hated the way he looked at me. He seemed a bit eccentric. He has the AIDS virus. Some years ago his wife died of the disease. Ppl are saying he is right to have died…but certainly the law could have intervened because it is illegal to spread it…esp intentionally. Sad tho

    • Why you are so quick to judge when you are in the same HIV boat with him. If you have a glass house, don’t throw stones. Hope you not spreading it since it is illegal to spread. Your words exactly

      • Get off my back ass. You’re probably the one with it spreading. Where the hell did you see I judge? Stay in your section! I am not condoning the murder.

  14. I will wait for more details.
    Because I find it hard to believe that 6 youths would just up and stone someone.
    Don’t support the action, but I will await further details.

  15. The kids are just reflecting what they see out there. Cold heartless violent society = cold heartless violent kids!

  16. You say it is illegal to spread HIV. How comes you are spreading it?? Since you know it it illegal, why don’t you stop spreading it? See if they will arrest you? You have the HIV virus yourself but you are quick to say he was going to same church with you.

  17. Some of you want to give MURDERERS a badge because thats what they are now. What kind of men do you think they will grow up to be. The kind who would beat up your daughters and other vulnerable persons. Don’t justify this act. Has the deceased ever been charged with rape. Has any report been made. Having sex takes two protect yourselves and don’t blame others if you are infected.

  18. everything happens for a reason… However if It was ur mother or daughter or son he raped and gave that disease you would react differently to the situation. The news does not broadcast these kind of information because it is someone’s personal info, so don’t be too quick to think because its not on the news that it is not true(my opinion)EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!

  19. I’m surprised the bible-humpers haven’t come out here and said that he deserved to be stoned to death, according to the good book.

  20. the ass who is saying these kids need a reward are you from pierrot to no what he was like in the comunity im from there nd dont leave to fař from him and pierrot pple on they own level we aĺl no wat he had and never disrespcted him he js still human rip the mole smh tese kids need life in přisonment

  21. I thought was in Nigeria alone that have “JUNGLE JUSTICE ”
    This is clearly a case of “JUNGLE JUSTICE “

  22. Those kids did wrong because of their upbringing , they are the ones who will pay.==SO SAD.== The system has let them down and now they are marked for life. ==low level P.I. .. I am willing to work for this government , free of charge for three months if i am asked.==ONLY TRYING TO GIVE BACK..

  23. This whole situation weighs on me so heavily. Of course if this is the reaction from adults “he has HIV and is infecting people he should die” The young children would see this as a justifiable act. If he was a threat and there had been numerous reports will these people also have to answer why there was no action.

    Lord take these young persons into your hand because perhaps , just perhaps it is not just their parents but the society that have failed him.

  24. Senseless ppl.. they all hide behind their phone to condone crime..So what he is hiv.. Does that justify murder?. You cowards hide behind your screens to justify crime. You are part of the problem today and all yoll use is God name.. did I say wolves.. stop hiding …

  25. In spite of what ever his situation is or was that doesn’t give no one the wright to stone him to death, are their them selfs are without sin? Let justice play its role

  26. Smh .. where are the parents/gaurdians of those kids??
    Shouldn’t they be in for questioning

  27. You’ll really talking E.first the children had no right to stone the man .look how they got them self in trouble .they should have gone and called some adults.the man self harassment isn’t a joke.why you going about touching people .if people say he had HIV I some thing they know . we have to learn to respect each other young and old.

  28. There r hundreds of people with hiv most it dont mark on their faces n they spread it also. Vengeance belongs to god. Because thats cruel. If we judgin him we hav to do a survey n check the hundreds of peopl that hav aids n they just there sleepin with young school girls n boys for money

  29. Quite a few persons choosing the title “anonymous”! I guess it is an easy way to “hide” behind the computer screen! There is never any justification for taking a life!

  30. dont judge anyone !!!!!!!!! none of us was present !!! only god knows what happens , so u cant believe every crap u see on the internet !!!!! smh ..set them free ..this man had aids spreading every where ..smh

  31. Why are people stating that the victim allegedly has HIV but are quick to assume the guilt of the 6 youths. None of the speculation in her has been proven, keep that in mind.

  32. I am sure that the parents of the children are working as guards. 12 hours a day at 4;25 cents

  33. I am pretty sure 99 percent of the persons commenting here are not from Vieux-Fort and do not know this man. He was purposely infecting women with the virus. You all talking about why was it not reported to the Police. Does St Lucia have any laws in place that will hold someone responsible for purposely spreading the virus. I am not condoning any killing of any human being but do not try to paint this man to be a martyr or somega kind of Saint. I am sure 98 percent of you did not know him and his history. The children had no right to do this but none of us know the full story.

  34. From the time I heard this story , I felt no way for the man. Tell me people, u’re out with ur friends and an hiv infected man tries to rape one of them how would u react? We were not there, we don’t know what the man did to them first. It doesn’t have to be that they killed him intentionally. It could be that they tried defending themselves and the stone knocked him the wrong place. It doesn’t take much to kill someone. What if he had raped one of them what would our comments be? Maybe we would be crying saying six of y’all and y’all did nothing to defend. I’m not praising the kids for killing. I believe its a self defense gone wrong.

    • If that were the case and they didn’t mean to kill him they should have spoken up as soon as they got home..not kept quiet while the guy died..they were trying to hide what they did so…


  36. This whole things shows how uneducated we are about HIV. The man should have been on treatment for his disease. He did not have to try to spread it anyway he could. If he took his medication he still could have had a long life ahead of him. It might even be possible depending on the drugs to reduce transmission of the virus by being on treatment. HIV is not a death sentence anymore, if it is treated early enough and the individual stays on the treatment regime. This shows we need a re-education on HIV and highlight the need for even HIV sufferers to help protect themselves as they can get another strain of HIV, which can make their condition worst. So it’s like having sex with anyone because one is HIV positive means they can expose themselves to even more HIV by getting other strains of the virus. We need to educate our people. And why do these little criminals think that their crime is ok. One gets HIV with blood contamination. What if the man’s blood got in contact with them during their heinous crime. Sad for the victim. We have to respect life. I hope these kids are jailed.

  37. FORGET: court, trial, prison!
    Make these work hard labor for 25 yrs. Make them work roadside, let them see life pass them by as they clean & dig de ditch. While their friends get to graduate, and drive by pointing & laughing. (Words deleted)

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