Youth Economy In Focus Under Stewardship Of New CDB Chairman

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As the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Bank launched its 53rd Annual Meeting focused on Marshalling Finance for Development and Safeguarding Access to Adequate and Affordable Financing for its membership, the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia and current the Chairman of CDB’s Board of Governors, Honourable Philip J. Pierre, highlighted a need for greater engagement of youth in development plans.

According to the Prime Minister, “Our young people are the primary agents of change and a key to reform and rebuild our region. They possess unmatched levels of innovation and creativity and in them we can find the solutions to some of our development challenges and emerging opportunities.” The meeting which will be hosted in June 2023 in Saint Lucia is CDB’s flagship event.

At the launch, CDB President Dr Hyginus “Gene” Leon, encouraged the future leaders to become more actively engaged in the region’s advancements.

CDB’s President spoke to the multi-faceted nature of development emphasising that “Development is a holistic process that is social, financial and environmental and addresses the needs of the people, the country and the planet.

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The need for partnership and relationship building was key especially with young persons since they are not only engineers of hope but would inherit the rewards of the work currently being undertaken. The Bank recognises that young people are the primary agents of change and as societal building blocks possess unmatched levels of innovation, creativity, and technological aptitude and continues to work to achieve positive youth development in its Borrowing Member Countries.

Mr. Ajani Lebourne, Chairperson, Saint Lucia National Youth Council (Interim), and Ms. Earlyca Frederick, Mobilisation Officer, Saint Lucia National Youth Council (Interim) expressed a need for economic restructuring, where young people are actively supported as the drivers of emerging industries. They renewed their call for the reorganisation of local economies to better serve youth as key contributors. “Strategic investments in young people offer the returns of sustainable and resilient economies,” they stated.

According to the new CDB Chairman, “It is important that an environment is created for young people to be allowed the opportunity to engage in activities that they enjoy. Our education system must be adjusted to reduce the mismatch between the skills required for the workforce. Despite greater access to education and health care than previous generations, our young males and females, across the Region, are among those who disproportionately bear the burden of poverty, marginalisation, and exclusion.”

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is increasingly advocating for new approaches to resolve longstanding development issues faced regionally to address and accelerate meaningful development.

The Board of Governors is the highest policy-making body of CDB and meets annually in one of the member countries of the Bank to shape the work and agenda of the regional financial institution.

SOURCE: Caribbean Development Bank. Headline photo: Philip J. Pierre stock image



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  1. ” ANT ” every statement u wrote in response to this over used youth economy election bluff is absolutely true and correct. You are smart !

  2. More focus on optics rather than reality.
    Political organizations in the Caribbean including the SLP with no answers to improve our lives like to trot out trite little phrases like “The youth economy” in order to bamboozle the electorate.
    What is the “youth economy” what are the ages of the “youth” in this your economy.
    The UN defies a youth as between the ages of 15 and 24.
    For how many years has the SLP been talking about this mythtical youth economy even as UNEMPLOYMENT for the youth has been 40 or 50%.
    In this typical press release (the primary output of this administration) they speak about the attributes of the youth while still saying they are poor, marginalized and excluded. The reality is that they will remain that way until you provide the framework for jobs and a reasonable income for their parents to be able to pay school fees, bus fares and food to get them off on a successful footing . If you provide the framework small, medium and large businesses will be able to HIRE these youth hereby giving them the resourses to help themselves. That you have been incapable of doing.
    This fabled “youth economy” you so often talk about probably is less that 3% of our economic output so even if you double it that will make no difference to our well being.

    So you become Chairman of the CDB and that is the focus of your tenure because you are clueless and devoid of ideas to make St lucia a better place to live. People are just surviving here under you watch including 99% of the youth who just want to leave for other shores because of your incompetence.
    I tell Lucians everytime you hear these people talk about the youth economy that is pure optical illusions, political cacanez ad electioneering. Every month they struggle to pay civil servants, tourism is on the decline and even grants from sympathetic governments are falling.
    Youth economy ! Stop trying to fool the young people and come with mature grown up answers to our problems. Stop enjoying the perks and pay of office and do some thinking and proper short, medium and long term analysis of our issues.


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