Youth Found Dead In Vieux Fort With Gunshot Wounds

Police are investigating the death of a 21 year old man whose body was found in Vieux Fort with gunshot wounds, a law enforcement official says.

The deceased has been identified as Nailuj Zinadine Henry.

According to reports, the Bruceville, Vieux Fort resident was found in a house at Westhall Group.

Residents of the community say the discovery was made after 8.00 am on Tuesday.

Initial reports indicated that there was one gunshot wound to the temple, but other reports suggested that there were two wounds.

However a well-informed source told St Lucia Times that there may have been one gunshot with entry and exit wounds.   

Police are understood to be investigating whether the incident may have been either a suicide or a homicide.

There are no further details at this time.




  1. The manifestation of the neglect of the youth in VFort, by their MP Kenny Anthony, has begun. It is sad that today there are hundreds of jobs for the youth in VFort and they refuse to go for these sustainable jobs. You know why? Because their MP has bashed these jobs even when he could not create them for his people. Go to St Jude construction site, go to Massy supermarket, go to the wasco construction site, go to the DSH site and I doubt they will go to the Airport construction when the jobs are available. There you will find very few Vfort youth working if any. They would know the STEP program dates before it is organised. These criminal activity was a malady coming.

    • And when chastenet is blamed, UWP’s responses are “how the government can prevent crime” or “don’t politicize crime”. Bullsh#7! Chastenet and his merry men must take the blame just as you choose to blame Dr. Anthony . . . Even more so.

  2. kenny anthony children committing crime? you all ***** children that worthless that doing crime

  3. The Persons living in these Ghettos and Slams also His Friends Know who Shot him and why.They will never give he police the information to have the Shooter/s arrested

  4. It appears all you have have extremely short memories. Who said Kenny could not stop crime and promised to do it? Oho that is why he said 43 % of all you are brainless.

  5. If its not a drowning, its a shooting – and the deceased is always a young man
    aged between 18 to 24. what’s wrong with that age group? can anyone tell me?
    During that age group, for a while I worked with the Americans on the Base, on
    the Missile tracking Station, the Americans built roads, extended the Runway and
    created lots or work; can anyone tell me what’s going on there right now?

  6. That which has bothered me about this young and lost generation, is the rapid decline
    of a Godless, degenerate and perverse generation, I think brought about by broken
    homes, lack of a proper education and apprenticeship, lack of job opportunities. So now
    what is the answer? firstly I think it may be the upbringing of a child raised in poverty
    growing up confused as per direction in the life ahead of him/her. An equally lost and
    confused ecclesiastical Church that has lost its meaning and impact in a fast growing
    society, with pretenders blinded by their pride and role in the community, fighting each
    other as to who is Holier and more righteous in the eyes of their (unknown) God.
    Here also is a bunch blinded by the god of this world, completely influenced by unseen
    forces to keep fighting each other on their grand stage of politics.[but what of the youth]
    It pains me to think that at a time such as this, some would be so base to deprive the
    young of a proper direction, instead of smoking of ganja or weed or what ever. God help.

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