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Updated on July 5, 2020 10:46 pm
Updated on July 5, 2020 10:46 pm
Updated on July 5, 2020 10:46 pm

Youth Shot During Police Operation In Gros Islet

A young male is reported to have been shot Thursday morning at Grande Riviere, Gros Islet, during a police operation, eyewitnesses have reported.

The youth, in his twenties, sustained a gunshot wound to the hand, according to information obtained by St Lucia Times.

He was transported to hospital via ambulance.

A firearm is reported to have been recovered by the police.

There are no further details at this time.



  1. Its is always the poor ghetto youtes they are after when cap estate have more crooks and drug dealers

  2. Who knows you might be next cause you ent no different to him you’ll doing dirty things and claiming that you’ll are poor innocent .

  3. They are poor ghetto yutes and the only thing they see to do is Rob and kill people, they all need to be taken out, the police have to start somewhere and I support them in this, these so called ghetto yutes are killing this country, they are the ones walking around with the guns killing people.

    • I tell you, you are right. The police need to stop them. I hear to many innocent people dying for nothing these days. Ppl are afraid to walk on the streets especially at nights because of the so call poor ghetto yutts light seriously what st Lucia has become?

    • Good to many gun shots Knocking in the area Dem days I understand it’s the son they got the father is on the police radar. Take them out Mr police people shouldn’t live their lives in fear

  4. The youtes prefer to run the streets than to go work for Guardsman security for 4;25 cent an hour working 12 hour shifts

  5. Smh, take them out? Man like y’all have no respect or any kind of feelings. People don’t think twice before they say certain words. Guidance cousin, Stay blessed.

  6. Who is going to bless you when you Dead whatever law-abiding citizens talk about the wrong things that the poor youts are doing some highhiperpetual ASS always uposeing .

  7. I don’t know why we here quarreling amongst ourselves, the problem is either; 1) the fellas cannot provide for themselves or their family which leads to extreme behavior like substance abuse or crime like breaking and entering/robbery you name it.(that’s in the ghetto youth case most times) or 2) the young guys pick up a bad roll model who can lead them into a criminal lifestyle (both ghetto youth and rich boys)….us fathers have to play a bigger role and set a better example for our youth otherwise they pick a father figure to mold themselves after and most times its not good figure. the police just doing what they are paid to do given the situation, they have to use a little less force sometimes to be honest but we not in the situation to say they could have done this or that, that’s all I will say.

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