Police Update: Youth Shot – Illegal Drugs, Gun And Ammo Recovered By Cops In Gros Islet Operation

Press Release:– On Thursday, May 16, 2019, about 5:30 a.m. a police operation was conducted at Grande Riviere, Gros Islet.

A Warrant to Search for Property was executed upon a residence at Grande Riviere, Gros Islet. During the conduct of the search, one nine (9) millimeter (mm) berretta pistol, fourteen (14) rounds of ammunition and a quantity of illicit drugs were recovered.

Four individuals are currently in custody in relation to this incident. One suspect sustained gunshot injuries during apprehension. He is currently admitted at the Victoria Hospital in stable condition. Charges are expected to be laid shortly.

Further information regarding the progress of this operation will be made available at the soonest.


  1. Massive Bid Up to St. Lucia’s Finest. Keep the pressure on these woodlice, that want to eat away the fabric of society. Heavy fine and a long jail time should be the order of the day when they are convicted.

    • Sorry! Not sure if they ‘…eat wood,’ but do know that some could very well be called ‘…Ghetto Rats.’

  2. The youths seeing what the politicians are doing to obtain wealth. So they are doing their things too. If Chastanet and Guy were setting good example there would not be so many criminal activity in the island.

  3. Well because guy and chastanet obtaining wealth and you not obtaining wealth so you agreed to what the youts are doing well my advice to you is to stay away from the police radar cause you might be the next one.

  4. It was about time grand Riviere and this places was never like that at least the yard will be peaceful again cause those guys would just give the place a bad name

  5. Good job guys, but be sure you have back up laws to protect you from the claws of Miss Mary! that is all she worth, just waiting like a wicket keeper waiting to come up with the catch, stamp or otherwise!

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