Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Youth Was Out To Get Money Owed To Him When He Was Shot Dead

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Kareem Mc Phee whose bullet-riddled body was discovered at Pigeon Island causeway on Sunday morning, was out to get money someone owed him, his mother, Sophia Dickinson, has said.

Dickinson told reporters Monday that the day before her 23-year old son died, he called someone on the phone.

“He said the person is on line and he is not answering my calls. ‘He has my money for me so I am going and get my money’ that’s all he said,” the mother recalled.

Dickinson said her son left some time after noon.

Sophia Dickinson – Mother of deceased
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Hours later Mc Phee, of Caye Mange, Gros Islet, was dead on the day that was his birthday.

Dickinson acknowledged that the deceased had ‘ some problems’ with some male individuals in Gros Islet.

“He shot one of them,” the mother explained.

She disclosed that when her son told her that the individuals with whom he had a disagreement wanted to make peace, she warned him to be careful.

“I told him be very careful, because I know they don’t like him. He said ‘Okay  I will be careful.’ I told him after shooting somebody, yes you had your rights, but after shooting somebody – you had no right to shoot him but yes, it happened, and they asking for peace what you think about that? That was the only problem I know occurred. I always used to tell him be careful because they did not go to the police.”

As far as Dickinson could recall, the shooting incident occurred last year.

Kareem Mc Phee’s bullet-riddled body was discovered about 6.00 am Sunday in the driver’s seat of a car at Pigeon Island causeway.

Police said at least six shots were fired from an 9mm caliber weapon.

No one has been arrested in connection with the latest homicide.

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