Why Advertise With Us?

(Data last updated: March, 2021) We live in an internet age. The majority of people use their mobile devices and computers to do everything Рshop, listen to music, surf the internet and even get their news. Your customers are online and you need to be online too. Advertising with us gives you 24/7 access to our over 2.5 million page views from approximately 400,000 readers per month. Every day, our website gets anywhere from 20,000 to over 50,000 visits. We also drive traffic to our website from our social media platforms like Facebook with over 57,000 followers and counting. Take a look at some of our website statistics:

Over 2.5M page views per month

An average of 400,000 readers

Over 200 countries in the world

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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