Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Child With Matches Believed To Have Caused Babonneau Fire

The Saint Lucia Fire Service says an unsupervised child playing with matches is believed to have caused a fire at Geneau, Babonneau, on Friday. According to a fire service release,...

Saint Lucia Fire Service Gets Four Million Dollar Gift From Japan

The Saint Lucia Fire Service Friday officially accepted a gift  of two fire trucks from the Japanese government, valued at some four million EC dollars. The gift comprised a ladder...

Neighbours Pull Elderly Man From Burning Building At Ciceron

Alert neighbours pulled an elderly man from a building at Ciceron, Castries, that was destroyed by fire Saturday afternoon, emergency officials say. According to the officials, the elderly man and...

Rose Hill Fire Victims Lament Unfulfilled Promises Of Assistance

One year after a devastating fire destroyed seven homes in the community of Rose Hill, Castries, the victims are still awaiting promised help to rebuild. The Chairperson of the Rose...

Firefighters Put Out Blaze Near Folk Research Centre Gap

Firefighters responded to an early morning fire Tuesday near the gap leading to the Folk Research Centre (FRC). Emergency officials told St Lucia Times that the fire occurred about 4.25...

Stabbing In Castries

A male individual believed to be in his forties was transported to Victoria Hospital in serious condition Saturday night, after a stabbing in Castries. Emergency officials told St Lucia Times...

Road Accidents, Shooting, Stabbing And Choppings Amid Christmas Celebrations

Emergency services responded to several road accidents, one shooting and four physical assaults as the country celebrated Christmas. According to the Saint Lucia Fire Service, about 4:57 am on Christmas...

Six Persons Homeless In Castries Fire

Six persons are now homeless as a result of a fire at Bisee, Castries, emergency officials say. Assistant Divisional Officer David Antoine told St Lucia Times that about 7:32 am...

Fire At Arundel Hill, Marchand

Firefighters responded to an early morning fire at an abandoned wooden structure at Arundel Hill, Marchand, Wednesday, emergency officials say. The wooden structure, measuring 16' X 20' was completely destroyed,...