Police Probe Shooting In Castries

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Police say they are investigating a shooting incident on Coral Street, Castries, in which a man believed to be in his thirties sustained gunshot wounds.

Details regarding the incident are sketchy.

 But the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) said it received a call for assistance about 1:14 PM.

Emergency responders disclosed that they treated the patient who had ‘multiple puncture wounds’ and transported him to the OKEU Hospital.

Screen grab from social media video
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According to reports, the man was conscious and alert at the time.

There are no further details at present.


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  1. Which government can really stop crime. Most of us crying foul when we can do better. Let’s take our country back.

  2. I don’t care what is said. the Government is responsible for the crime because they have marginalised the Commissioner and are on a mission to transfer a particular officer who they felt stood up to Richard in the demonstration he organised around the island. Wait to see what happens after April.


  3. Pre-impacs took care of violence. You hardly hear any gun sounds. But as soon Kenny puts his nose in it, everything went beserk. Let PJP deal with it now.

  4. Well Well Well st lucians is in war among themselves..crime is the headline news so far I don’t care whosoever who will attack me…the government of the day is responsible for the crimes in st lucia pjp look around you pm..instead of you was expunging all the cases you throw out when you first get into office..you should put your boots running and take care of the crime..you still pretending you in opposition the people give you a victory mandate govern the country stop complaining and pretending you in opposition pm

  5. But tourism!!

    How can these leaders feel comfortable marketing our country as a tourist destination when there is so much of this crime going on? I do not feel comfortable recommending our country to potential visitors because god forbid something jayppens to them while they are here based on my referral.

    Our leaders have failed us by turning a blind eye to the crime situation here and focusing all their efforts on CIP and more flights and tourists and more hotels. I guess fighting crime does not help their pockets, but selling out our country piece by piece does. Our people are such sheep. If they were going all in for their kids like they do for politicians our country would have probably been so much better off. I don’t understand how humans can worship mere mortals like this. And very lame mortals at that.All these politicians are the same.

    We need a proper police commissioner and for that I think we have to bring somebody in – maybe from outside- who is not afraid of tough action and tough measures. That’s something I would not mind my tax dollars being spent on because whatever we are doing now which is nothing, is not working!

    • With all, said the government of the day need to have a commissioner they can manipulate to their benefit with all those white collar crimes being committed by them. The fish rots from the head.

    • I agree with you 100%. Bring in a foriegn commissioner of Police. One who knows no one and has no friends on the Police Force. One who would clean up the Police Force. Also kiss no politician behind.
      We need to see his clean slate recommendations.

      • Wow Angelic. Saint Lucia is truly a lost state. Why do you believe that the police alone can stop crime, why do you believe that a foreign police commissioner will stop it either. We as a society have failed to accept that WE are the ones responsible for the state of affairs in this country. We raised our children like PIGS, with all the rights on the planet and socialize them to take correction from no one. What do you expect. We live in a society where if you have money you do no wrong. We live in a society where the very prime minister in some cases who laments about crime, when not in office provides those so-called criminals or drug barons with legal representation and tries to have their I’ll gotten gain returned to them when seized by law enforcement. Yes this is the state of affairs in my country, yes sweet St. Lucia. So ANGElIC get the wax off your eyes and stop blaming the police for your failures.

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