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‘Vieux Fort Has Turned Into A Ghost Town’

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Over the past few weeks, gun violence and volleys of gunshots have rung out in Vieux Fort, creating fear for users of the town both in broad daylight and under cover of darkness. 

This unfortunate situation has negatively impacted the business community in Vieux Fort as many persons who frequent the town and patronise businesses have stayed away during this time. 

Vieux Fort has turned into a ghost town, especially on evenings.

Sadly, this is happening just when the economy and business community had begun a slow restart after the two-year plus crippling COVID-19 pandemic.

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It is also occurring just when the inflation as a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine started taking effect, causing spikes in the cost of commodities, especially fuel.

The alleged inner community rivalry has created a negative turnaround and a compounding of the existing situation. 

This situation has dramatically affected the fishing sector.

 Fishers, to a great extent, begin their operations early. But, unfortunately, the fishing port, with its dilapidated infrastructure, lack of fencing, and little to no user controls, has made it even more vulnerable and a seemingly reliable entry and exit point for criminal elements. 

In fact, just earlier this month, the fishing port was the site of an early morning volley of gunshots. 

This situation has caused many fishers to stay away from fishing completely or begin their day much later and end earlier. 

Of course, this is having a crippling effect on the fishing sector, evident in the sales decline at the cooperative. 

The sector will celebrate Fishermen’s Feast only a few days from now. 

But, in light of the current ‘unsafe’ situation, despite efforts by the Vieux Fort South Constituency Council and the Goodwill Fishermen’s Co-operative, many of the activities such as the traditional Weiss and domino competitions were called off. 

It is past due that the guns are put down, that the town becomes a place where users are free to conduct business or partake in social activities.

 We call on the authorities to take the bull by the horns and deal with the problem’s root cause collaboratively. 

As a Southerner, this issue is of great concern to me.

Headline photo: A stray bullet this month pierces a window and enters a private home in Vieux Fort. No one was injured.

Note: Kaygianna Toussaint Charlery is a government Senator and the Operations Manager of the Goodwill Fishermen’s Co-operative. The views expressed are those of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of St Lucia Times.

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  1. I can’t understand so many police men and SSU we have in St Lucia, that a few people can stop activety in a town, what if another island try to invade St Lucia who will protect us??

  2. when men seek help from the kingdom of darkness for the reigns of power the end result is lawya the same death and destruction

  3. when men seek help from the kingdom of darkness for the reigns of power the end result is always the same, death and destruction

  4. A few days ago I visited V/fort and it didn’t look like a ghost town. I actually left the town at about 5:00PM and the place was alive. However, night time has always been a ghost town.

  5. @ KAT – this is so true, and that alone will bring destruction to St. Lucia, just wait.
    The answer is to turn to Christ, but what are the churches doing? Christ is the answer!!!

  6. We see ourselves in everything. We see what we want to see. Stop being negative! The writer is correct to a large extent. I know so because I live in Vieux Fort and things have definitely slowed down in some areas. It has gotten to a point where splinter groups are threatening to take action against those involved in the fighting because of its effect on their ability to work. Simple put, the shooting affects their hustle at the fisheries complex. Down town has become a no go zone on evenings. We used to love going to the Chinese restaurant there. But now – no way! We have resorted to buying fish from Choiseul – much safer there these days. So the writer is spot on and at least did something!! While all you saw in the article was what was wrong. And by the way, what was so wrong with the article.? That speaks volumes about you as a person!! NEGATIVE!!! Positive thinking goes a long way you know – try this instead. You will enjoy a better quality of life.

  7. When you have gangs and gangsters taking refuge in city slums and ghettos. It’s time to break down these slums and ghettos and replace them with business or better housing facilities.

    I myself believe Vieux Fort is to under developed. More should be done to bring it up to par with better infrastructure, employment and facilities.

    To much of the country’s resources is being concentrated in the north. It’s time to develop the south.

  8. Of course, replacing them with “business and better housing” is all good but: (1) where would you place the displaced population? The majority may not be able to afford. (2) Businesses will expect to make a profit. Considering the population of “the South” what profit do you estimate they would make? (3) What kind of business do you suggest placing there? (4) Are you willing to invest or just sit and type what may seem nice to you?

  9. Prime Minister upon Prime Minister Hàve not Trànsformed Ghetto Areas in St.Lucia To better Housing and Conditions of Living

  10. You just want to sit and type. What is your solution? Let’s hear it. Or you just want to criticize?

  11. Poverty and corruption are the number 1 root problem for all crime. These young men get hungry just like all of us, they aspire to have a decent life like all of us. Hear me out, I know, I have lived the ghetto life. Thankfully I had the mental determination to come out early. At the time we dreamt about having a house, a car, a job, a woman/wife and family, money in the bank just like everyone reading this.

    Our so called leaders have neglected these people for decades and this is the consequence of this neglect. It can be fixed but not overnight, it will take a generation to get there. We have to provide these people with a means to feed hungry belly, legally and in a manner of self worth. The deserve better health care, education and housing. Not just the south, the entire country. Liberate people form poverty and crime will be drastically reduced. Note you cannot eradicate all crime, you can only manage it. Police shooting the place down will only strength their resolve, trust me it never works. As one gone a next one born and the cycle of violence goes on.

  12. Ghetto is a mindset not a location. No matter where you put them they will turn it into a sh!thole as long as they maintain that mindset. Look what those conway creatures did to Ciceron. Once a upper middle-class neighbour now turned to sh!t. Fix the disease, not the symptoms of it. Some situations are well past fixing though. Give up on this generation and try to fix the next.

  13. @Response. Even God gave up all hope on Sodom and Gomorrah and destroyed it. Some problems don’t have a solution. Need to burn it all down and start over.

  14. Those rebells,coward, incrédule,lache…. who are taking the lives of man, surely, you will not go unpunised, you also will be defeated by another man.
    Those who live by the gun, surely will die by the gun so that you can blame GOD.

  15. Most of the crime taking place are being committed by men, hopefully we can agree on that statement. I believe we should be really educating our young men on how to be just that,MEN.
    Schools ( teachers and other figures alike) and parents/caretakers at home need to address the upbringing of the young men to mold them into diligent, respectful human beings. Instilling good morals and values is paramount. Our men need to acquire the mental fortitude to deal with adversities and have better outlets than drinking/smoking. They should be circulated by role models or people who can advise them in the right direction and not peers who are inexperienced themselves. They should have someone, preferably an older male figure who they could speak to about any insecurities or problems/challenges they are going through instead of bottling it all up and then imploding. Our young men need to remain focused. Some if not most are too concerned with “getting” girls/women and being “impressive” in the eyes of others with the things that they can acquire regardless of how it is acquired meaning doing whatever it takes to get the nice bikes, cars, overpriced clothing and jewelry etc.. Instead these young men should be monitored and cultivated in tapping into their individual skillsets and developing it so that they can turn it into a business/product/service which is a win-win situation. They will be able to contribute to society and earn a living so that they can gracefully provide for themselves and potential future families.

  16. Simple really
    The government Pays the gangsters like you pay those of Marchand.and Central Castries to keep the peace and watch how easily the place returns to normal (.. at least until the money runs out)

  17. In the last few weeks it has been quiet. Vf was bustling for the Christmas week. I do not think Miss Toussaint wrote this. I live in the town.

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