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Man With Apparent Gunshot Injuries Found Dead In Vieux Fort

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Police have launched an investigation after the discovery of a deceased male with apparent gunshot injuries in Bruceville, Vieux Fort.

At about 3:20 am on Saturday, officers were summoned to the scene.

The deceased has not yet been identified.

The Vieux Fort Fire station dispatched an ambulance after receiving a call for help, but found that the man was already dead.

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There are no further details at present.

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  1. Pip and his cabinet need to get off their duffs bring the diluted firearms act into law. Presently, the same characters, doing the same acts with the same results. We need to start the process of attrition sooner than later. There has to be a modicum of fear when possessing an illegal firearm.
    By the way, tell me again why there is no Blackheart football in VF? Yep! Your answer is right.

  2. I’m really disappointed with the police performance in the south so many operations and no recovery of illegal firearms. What is going on come on guys people are dying Vieux Fort is a killing ground. So many murders on the lose

  3. Vieux Fort is a killing ground and murders o the lose with the police doing very little or nothing what a crisis smh.

  4. Some human being is found dead (as usual) in V/Fort, what else is new?
    VieuxFort itself has become a dead place, dead for any ‘Investment’ dead for Horse Racing, dead for any right minded person to want to retire and live, you can forget it. Criminals every where wanting a piece of you. The only shinning light should have been that Brand New Hospital, its size & capacity and state of the art Technology, a dream place where the best of Doctors would love to practice, but awa politicians prefer to play political games, so to hell with the folks in the South, let the criminals have their way. PjP, Kenny & Moses and that Cabal of a Cabinet – I hope the Lord have mercy on you. Amen.

  5. No more IMPACS investigation for the police! And you know what? I agree with them. That’s what happens when a people turn on their law enforcement officers for doing what needs to be done to bring crime under control. The end result is a lawless View Fort and a Saint Lucia. I wonder how Kenny feels now that his chickens have come home to roost.

  6. Everyone in Shantytown heard the automatic war weapon going off for a few minutes. The man has apparent gunshot wounds! Don’t trained officers know what gunshot wounds are? These guys are jokers. When will we be able to arrest this situation.

  7. When u neglect a constituency for too long, this is what happens. Kenny can bawl now till he dead, this is his doing!!! Kenny is complicit. When u take all jobs and Filter them thru Debbie, Otto, Cyril,Wayne and Co, what do you expect? Let other people eat too. Kenny is the cause.

  8. You idiot, the police are not considered experts hence the reason they must say apparent blood or blood stains and apparent gunshot wounds.

  9. The government should enact a minimum wage, so the criminals would be motivated to go and work

  10. And Kenny want Blackheart to be held in V-Fort. What he wants to happen for all football fans to run for their lives like he did at the funeral when the guy was executed? What joker for an Ex Prime Minister who talks crap to pander to his Brainless Slp Supporters.

  11. Totally agree! You could have seen the little Malaways going to the names mentioned, begging them because they were getting all. People in Vieux Fort are Malaway for 25 years and they are still saying Kenny is for malaway. This is what Kenny loved. He loved keeping them as malaways so that they can continue to say every 5 years that kenny is for the malaway. Kenny screwed up the parents of this young boys committing this crime today. He never took care of their parents so that the could take care of their children. They 25-30 year old grew up in Kenny’s era.

  12. The problem is islandwide but more so in nucleated settlements. In those nucleated communities there are more human interactions with each other and when mixed with poverty and drugs, ineffective policing and punishments which seem more like rewards than deterrents, hell brakes loose.

  13. Which law firm represents the biggest drug lord and murderer in Vieux Fort – The one calling the shots, literally? And you expect things to change. Our leaders are two faced – saying one thing in public and another when sipping wine privately with those reprobates amongst us. So Vieux Fort will never have peace with such alliances.

    But you know what believe it or not, the crime problems in Vieux Fort has a huge political underpinning. Vieux Fort has gotten that way because government has refused deal will the head of those crime groupings. Why has government not seized their I’ll gotten gains? Why do politicians accept campaign financing from these unsavory characters? Will pursuing them result in fewer votes for the governing party? And maybe just maybe the election? Just asking.

  14. What is the name of that law firm and the name if that drug lord vieux fort people do not have toilets Is the la ressource river that they use as a toilet

  15. What is the name of that law firm and the name if that drug lord vieux fort people do not have toilets Is the la ressource river that they use as a toilet

  16. Chitolie, daher , vitalis liquor store true value and lay boy that have big business in vieux fort they are millionaires but are all devil’s . They want people to work for them for 3 dollars an hour but the young people say no way that the not working for that little bit of money evil alone vieux fort have

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