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SLTU President Urges Clear Policies On Mobile Telephone Use In Schools

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The President of the Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU) has urged clear policies regarding the use of mobile telephones and other devices in the local education system.

Don Howell spoke to reporters last week after the latest viral classroom video appeared on social media.

In the video, a male student at a secondary school is at a blackboard with a female teacher, accusing her of not teaching correctly and declaring that she could not take a proper measurement, but wanted to teach.

“With the increased use of technology the Ministry of Education has to step in and set clear policies for the education system as it relates to the use of technology, cell phones, and other devices,” the SLTU President asserted when asked about mitigating measures.

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“We also have to look at the persons recording because that is an issue,” Howell told reporters.

In this regard, he observed that before people rush to assist, they prefer to make video recordings.

“The first thing they prefer to do is to record and not understanding that recording and sharing do even more damage to the individuals than probably in some cases the incident itself,” Howell stated.

“And so we have to be mindful of that as a society and we see our children doing the same thing,” the SLTU President stated.

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  1. Ministry should develop a code of student conduct consisting of different levels of infractions, interventions and consequences. The committee developing the code should involve legal experts, business leaders, community leaders, parents, students, teachers and other stake holders. Students should only use the phone in the classroom for instructional purposes. Teachers should have the right to collect the phones as students enter the classroom and return them at the end of class.

  2. Playing with the devil you have to enjoy the good and bad comes with it. Cell phones should be banned in schools period and implement the policies to the fulli. Argue and cry how much you wanted. Allow it and accept the consequences that follow. Fullstop

  3. Some of the students in St. Lucia have reached a “low level” of disrespect and these are the fruits thereof. They have no regard for anyone – they insult and disrespect their own parents who are responsible for feeding, clothing and keeping a roof over their head…they are seriously out of control – roaming the streets all hours after school. “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop…….”

  4. Giving a child a phone is consider luxury and yet we balling out low salary and high unemployment rate. Name a person who had a cell phone in school in the 70’s 80, and until ’94 on the island. Don’t come with your papeeshow shit and say they technology never existed… compare the pass rate to now?

  5. stupid they stupid and then when they put a tuuf crack on a no cell phone policy these same students and their parents want to cry. your phone should be something to help you learn cause you can go on the internet and also if you in trouble you can get to your parents or vicee versa

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