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Casimir: Some SLP Supporters Could Sometimes Be The Party’s Worst Enemies

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Gros Islet MP Kenson Casimir has asserted that based on his experience in his constituency, some people of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) could sometimes be the ruling party’s worst enemies.

Casimir was addressing the annual general meeting of Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s Castries East Constituency group on Saturday.

The theme was ‘Preserving the Victory.’

According to Casimir, card-carrying, long standing members of the party could be the downfall of Saint Lucia’s development.

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“We have said before we won this election that the people of this country will have to be patient with the Honourable Philip J. Pierre,” the Minister for Youth Development and Sports told the conference.

“We were honest in our analysis of the finances and the wastage of the United Workers Party, and we campaigned that we would put you first, but you need to be patient,” Casimir recalled.

He spoke of his own experience, which he asserted that his Cabinet colleagues face daily.

In this regard, Casimir declared that persons who know better and are aware of the rape of the country and the struggle of the government to keep the country afloat after the wastage of the United Workers Party are the ones complaining the most in the communities.

The Gros Islet MP mentioned people requesting a contract knowing well that ‘the Comrade’ would do everything possible to assist.

But he explained that when the contract is not ready after a month, SLP members go throughout the community declaring that their party is doing nothing for them.

The MP explained that when the contract materialises after six weeks and, the individual gets payment, they say nothing to indicate that the SLP has helped.

“Your vote on July 26 said to me when I was in Gros Islet, the people of Gros Islet said to me that they wanted an end to corruption. Too many people expect the Comrade to do the very same thing they voted against. And it’s labour party people you know,” Casimir lamented.

In this regard, he said too many people expect what they know the SLP will not do.

“The Prime Minister and Minister of this constituency has said to us at most Cabinet meetings ‘If any of you all get involved in corruption, do not call me.'”

“So if I have to hear that at every Cabinet meeting, why you want me to go and do something on a side to help you, and you are a labour party member?” The Gros Islet MP told his audience.



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  1. So what you are basically saying is both parties has always been corrupt? BTW when you guys were out there campaigning last year at what time did you say to the people you will have to be patient if we win the election? Because according to what I remember the SLP gave us the impression that you guys had the magic stick and the moment you guys got into office all the lies that you fed to us would become a reality

  2. Salop ya’ll thought it would have been easy? A road paved with milk and honey? That’s ya’ll went out promising this and that and now ya’ll are there is pure CRY YA’LL CRYING AND MAKING all kinds of excuses. Do the work, stop campaigning and do the work already. Nobody cares about what you have to say all they want are their contracts promised and monies owed. So suck it up big chested man and do the work cause whining don’t look good on you. P.S securing victory my foot don’t get use to the position just try and sink as much money as you can.

  3. My, my . You just come down you want to make such a comment. Yes we can be your worse enemy because you are the worse using party among the two parties that we have. You uses all of your loyal and hardcore supporters that will always go the extra miles for you and believe me that’s the last yr party will get of them. From my own experience I have been loyal work hard for the party for -about 25 or 30?years and not even a step job that I have ever gotten from you all. Every election u want me to go out and tell ppl that things will be different give u all a chance when all along I am lying to the ppl. After election you all forget about them . How long will me or any lay persons take to deceive these ppl especially the less fortunate sick that we lie to to give their votes to your party. . I refuse to go out there and campaign based on lies. You have the guts to say we are the party worse enemy. Yes we are when we stand for truth. I voted for uwp once and that was election before last and yes they helped me by giving me a step and a to canal to help my family and less fortunate one. What have you done for me anoarty hack for 35 years. Nothing. So please bring back uwp they are more sympathetic and loyal than p. Do yr homework mr mp before you make such comment thinking that we do not have reasons to critique yr party . We have every reason to and be bitter in critizing yr party. I cannot even get a bus to travel my route you expect me to vote for you next election or encourage anyone too. Everything good or evil is only got a time. God sees and understand all and will reliever and make right at his time not ours for everything under the heavens is for a time and a season. Peace and love

  4. I don’t even know what that MP is talking about when he knows that it’s only a few party ppl that are being helped and over and over it is the ase set of ppl. Everyone knows it. They have their friends that the choose. It’s only their friends and their favorites throughout the 6 years in office. No rotations. I will not be stopped from speaking the truth. I fear only god . I am tired of doing the wrong and lying to ppl for this party. I have a sick lady , infirm I went to her home during election with party ppl told her we will help her to be on the welfare when we win because she really needs the help. It’s over a year now not one person came back to assist this sick person. It is hurtful and painful when I am the one that took them to her home and promise her duck. I was told to take a photo of her I’d card. I cannot support her on my own. She needs the help. Do u expect me in 4 years to go back to her or take u guys back to her. When the wrath of hod fall on us we will s as ll remember and those without a conscience will be made to have one. There is what we d as ll loee we class, middle glass and upper class. For once in your political history focus on the low class and not the middle and upper class. I hurt for the low class ppl. They are humans and need help too. I will use my last breath to call on help for them so if we are the ones to be the downfss as ll of the party then do he ir for we are tired of seeing the low class being fool and taking advantage over. U t as he tj on wheelchair to go vote don’t you have a conscience towards them afterwards. You don’t even remember them when you have yr $50 vouchers or Christmas goodies. I am disappointed and saddened by what the Slp has become over the years. Empty promises. No one matters when they are on th at it high horses except their friends and family. Oh wait meekly wait and murmur not because soon in 4 years time the begging will start again but god I pray that d as t Lucian’s will no longer be fools again. We are not voting for any party again. What is to be will be. God is love

  5. It’s high time this SLP government get out of opposition mode and Govern. What nonsense Preserving the Victory is that. Are you a dictatorship in the making. Remember that it’s no longer about victory- it should be all about governing. We were never at war, so move on.

    I am definitely one of those SLP supporters Casimir referred to. And I will criticize you idiots as long as I have to in order to ensure that you deliver. You made promises during the campaign and now you want to pull back and blame it on corruption of the last government. Enough with that crap for you guys are no different. The only difference between you two is the means employed to bleed the state. So never forget that you are our SERVANTS not our masters. So stop bitching and work!!!

  6. Oh you made me laugh this morning Kenny – love your no nonsense approach! Some of what Casimir says is true though; Lucians are quick to judge and point blame, and many don’t understand the complexities of Government, but sometimes govt makes it harder than it needs to be. I wish there was a more coherent approach to what needs doing on the island across all govt agencies and the private sector, and that there were more people who were community minded rather than self focussed on their own gain. That goes for officials and the everyday person.

  7. Well voters are more impatient now than about 10 – 15 years ago and guess what they will become even more agitated as the years roll by. All of this is now part of politics and has been happening for a while. You’re a sportsman, so welcome to the game and let’s see you play. I am patiently watching and waiting.

  8. Most humans are selfish, but it seems to be more so in SLU. Some are even selfish towards their own dependent children. They make decisions for immediate self gratification, even when they know those decisions are not in the best place interest of the future of their children. The politicians of both parties for instance are practically selling us out with CIP. Our land and passports are gone but we remain as broke as ever. Who does it benefit ?When they campaign for a party they expect favors in return and when those favors are tardy, they turn around and campaign against their party. Everyone one Is in it for self, this is most blatant source of corruption. I applaud the PM for his attempt to tackle this disease, which is hammering our development and independence.

  9. Politrixters are just puppets, they have no power or will, they are just executing the world of international bodies to re-engineer this world to a rich and poor class. They help transfer your wealth and energy transfer to FFF who own everything. They privatize profits and socialise losses and bleed the people like VAMPIRES.

  10. This problem did not start today nor is it unique to any one party. As a party you should give contracts base on what the party has. As a government contracts should be available to all and not just yoursuppoeters and this is What your people should have been told from the beginning, granted you must look out for yours as well.

  11. Did this man just openly admit to nepotism? In that regard how does that make them any different from the previous administration?

    Also after one year of doing very little in terms of infrastructure development why do we need to be more patient? You guys are extremely slow to implement and execute by today’s standard. People aren’t impatient they just have more realistic expectations.

  12. The Road from the polly Clinic in Gris.Islet is in a mess talk about that instead .There’s 4Hotels in that area its a Disgrace for Motorist and Visitor’s. I have been Slp Before you were born and will never Change but you have to do what the people who employed you at the poles.In St.lucia the same persons or So called Contractors who were awarded Contracts Under Uwp are the same persons being awarded contracts under Slp and most of them never Vote

  13. And if .its a Tendering process this sbould have been done very quickly .Stop F?????? Around with Motorist who travels on the road every Minute of the day to the Hotels etc.Its a Disgrace to Motor Vehicles Suspention .To my Honest Opinion Motorist Should Block off that Road from the Gros.Islet Junction .This Cost me over $3.000 to repair my Vehicle Suspention

  14. Wow this just sounds so childish and immature. The rape of the count. I voted cause all u said there was corruption18 months in and yet no evidence of the so called corruption. Smh. I used to work with a sub contractor hired by Fresh Start. Now no work. is Rayneau alone all u gvn contracts and u telling me about be patient. I hv children to send to school. SMH.

  15. What do you expect? The we were getting bread and butter, every body was eating from wife, children, concubines, family and friends. You promise us milk and honey and had us excited, now you cannot deliver anything and expect us to say nothing just be mute. Hungry belly will growl. You of all people should know that. Having bread and butter was better than promises of Milk and Honey that seems a far way off.

  16. Ok Casimir what you are basically saying is there is corruption despite whoever is in power? Last year during the campaign I don’t remember you asking us to be patient however I clearly remember all of you telling us how corrupt and incompetent the pass administration was you fed us a bunch of lies that cannot be fulfilled and now you pretend that you don’t understand why we are impatient?

  17. Yo if this was your tester well it not cold its very hot just watching , Kenson the people of the north silently grudging right now. Very soon this will turn to publicly denouncing you. Don’t be a one and done bro. Ask your powerful friends a loan to fix the roads.

  18. Indirectly admitting that contracts are a political reward. Let’s move away from that type of politics! Further, as part of election bid persons promise the electorate the world… Now RF says person’s should not ask him for handouts, Pierre says, person’s should not be saying “Bossman, we eh have no work”, now KC emerges with a similar refrain..” lol. When campaigns are on the basis ok individual benefit what do you expect.

  19. I really don’t know what this gentleman is talking about. When the truth is spoken it is Slp supporters being down fall of party. For over 20 years I supported yr party campaign. Promising my ppl to give a chance to u all for betterment. You all tour the communities saw the plight of the ppl. Promise promise promise yet nothing. I never once even get a step job 20 years bring with u all. It’s always the big boys and yr family and friends and it happen in all the constituencies. Now we are saying we will no longer go out campaigning for u all and lying to people therefore u are complaining we are the downfall of the party. Well stop u all selfishness and greed and see that the low class people need help to. You carry these people on wheelchair to go and vote. U guys have no conscience. We will continue talking and stop hiding u all greed, insincerity, preferences for all to know. If u don’t want it to be your party downfall the. Develop a conscience and do the right thing. Slp is a user of the low class ppl. Uwp are more considerate when it comes to the low class ppl. I patiently wait for the next election. Time goes by so quickly you guys will be suprise when it creeps on I and then u will try to come and bullshit us again. This time around u guys have something coming sail along. As for choiseul start looking for a candidate because whoever u all send will be defeated again. I am an Slp supporter but it will be my second time I will rally with uwp and have all Slp supporters in my community vote for uwp. Then they will have a step job to help them by their medication or send their child to school since they have no ther support.. god will deliver . Peace and love

  20. SLP accused UWP of corruption. After 1 year not a case of corruption. Casimir it is your party word against UWP. Until there is evidence in a court of law stop using this word to the people to fool them. I will not believe unless there is evidence and someone is sent to jail. (If there is is corruption both parties have done it and have accuse each other No party is a saint). Seeing is believing at times especially when it comes to politics. I’m old and wise enough not to believe campaign promises straight off the bad. St Lucians needs to compare and contrast; analyze siruations before believing anything. I knew that your party could not deliver some promises because of the situation with Covid. Common sense will tell you that. I can say your party misled and is misleading people especially when there is no time line given — so stop on your promises to the gullible and opportunists.

  21. Boy grow up and stop trying to make the very supporters you were begging for votes, look bad. Is always yall that just come that want to talk. You love that your woman was rewarded why didn’t you tell her to be patient too? I for one am done with SLP for life. When we see the people who never put their head out in the rough times getting the top positions all big contracts and those who put their name, their family on the line resulting in victimization and those who were the face of SLP when it came to issues, protests, speaking out are being told to be patient or being insulted by being offered crumbs and treated like nobodies, don’t come here and say be patient. These same people didn’t have peace with yall calling their phones every minute to go on talk show or post on Facebook but today yall lose their number and don’t take their calls. Boy move there with your condecension and have respect for the people who fought hard and put you there so you and your woman can eat and turn your nose down at them now. Look at your base and see how they respond to yall now….look at the turn out at some of the AGM and take note because a message is being sent. Like I said me and mines are done with SLP for life. Uall arrogance and condescension will always be yall down fall. I expected more from the one who people say was the little black boy from Marchand and who is supposed to be one of us,but it appears that the massa cared more about us than our own. Peace out SLP enjoy your one term

  22. You didn’t tell your cousin Kenny to be patient. Always knew you were just a fake like the rest. Regret my vote for yall unless people.

  23. Y’all just used y’all base to get in so your top brass can eat sumptuously and then turn around and insult the ones who actually put in the work for y’all to be power by offering them crumbs and telling them to be patient. All turncoats that fool yall with a few dollars contribution to your campaign demanding their return on their money but is your base who went all out you coming and tell be patient. Boy go and take a seat you just reach……is this same arrogance that does make y’all only do one term. Enjoy it while it last. You have UWPees laughing at and ridiculing the people who were in the forefront for y’all and now you come and say be patient. Boy don’t upset here today with your juvenile talks. Tell your woman be patient nah.

  24. Can’t believe Kenson really said that:

    “But he explained that when the contract is not ready after a month, SLP members go throughout the community declaring that their party is doing nothing for them.

    The MP explained that when the contract materialises after six weeks and, the individual gets payment, they say nothing to indicate that the SLP has helped.”

    So it’s the SLP “helping” and not the Government of Saint Lucia governing and fulfilling it’s mandate!

  25. Gassa, I voted for y’all. You eh pull out de big mungo tree in de yard yet. You promised me a little ting every month end. I eh see nuttin yet. De shortcut to the pigs still bad. I eh telling you which neighbors voting UWP again. De road have bad holes and the bus driver eh coming up dere again. I tired waiting. Dem stones de government drop dere for Mr. Lapo, I go take sum.

  26. If this is not corruption, nothing is. This is a story of how a dollar can’t be stretched to its full potential.

  27. Yesss yesss yeeeess we highly endorse “The Rape” of The country assertive analysis spoken like A TRUE COMRADE, and if may I would also like to add Nepotism/cronyism/enemies of the state Yellow Johncrows. Yes stomping out the waste and providing good common sense government and The no Pojah Letter Lifestyle is something St Lucian’s will have to get use to. For those loyalist who are going by ” The OLD YELLOW METHOD” of doing business PLEASE adhere to the new changes. This change should also improve St Lucia s reputive standing on the world stage as been one of the less corruptive country.

  28. I criticized the past rep for not taking care of the communities but my God it is now worse. Kenson do you know a place call Belle Vue in Gros Iset. If I tell you that Lorne lives up up there I guess will stop the bushes from overtaking the roads.

  29. It is simple as this. SLP do not want to be called out when it’s slacking or doing wrong. Casimir you and the cabinet of ministers did not know what the job entails and you all try to put your hat where it can’t reach. Did you think that a ministers job was a ride in the park? St Lucians need to keep you all on y’all toes. Casimir you just start learning.

  30. SLTN you can remove all the comments you want but that does not take away from the fact that this government made promises to people that they did not keep. You think people are asking for things just so? These were promised to people and now they are in power they want to treat the people like they are nothing. Meanwhile those who did nothing are as usual sitting pretty and getting big pay out. This boy must learn to be respectful of the people who put him in power…. why didn’t your woman wait….why didn’t you tell her to be patient. She claimed her reward early but today you coming on here with your arrogance talking bs. Boy sit.

  31. You were elected to do that which is necessary, 1st Health, 2nd Work, 3rd Family. The rest is common to both political Parties. So concentrate on the ‘New St. Jude Hospital’ and only then we would know you are not just playing politics; this is not the time to play games; show Kenny and the Queen, former SLP Prime Ministers that you are a big boy – Praise the Lord. Amen.

  32. Such is what passes as good governance by both parties. Wasting the people’s hard-earned money.

  33. So what you are basically saying is both parties has always been corrupt? BTW when you guys were out there campaigning last year at what time did you say to the people you will have to be patient if we win the election? Because according to what I remember the SLP gave us the impression that you guys had the magic stick and the moment you guys got into office all the lies that you fed to us would become a reality

  34. Patience. Patience you said Casimir. So why did you run and name a piece of road under contruction SIr Julian R Hunte highway. Y’all could not have waited until the highway was finished. Barely 1 year in office a naming ceremony for your friend was on y’all mind.

  35. Y’all can’t even give a speech without mentioning uwp.
    Zero accountability, always pointing a finger and you tell me y’all are leaders?

  36. St Lucia and the world over need to stop putting their confidence in politicians. The reality is when your vote is needed the truth is highly embellished.
    I urge my people to find innovative ways to augment their earnings. Do not depend on politicians as you will be sorely disappointed

  37. God is Love I This little boy coming on here talking about SLP supporters like we’re noting when it was our hard work and dedication to the cause that saw them win. Today, as usual their arrogance has risen its ugly head and it is the supporters that will be the downfall? Without supporters he would not have been in that position to insult us and the same way I rallied with them I will rally against them because they do not deserve loyalty. This party uses people to get in position so their big boys can live large. I am still waiting to see the ones who were protesting, fighting on the ground and putting themselves on the line for them to get something worthwhile. They better not forget is people like us who out them there ….and can remove them. They need to have some respect for us and stop insulting us like that……..we waiting for yall next 4 years.

  38. Typical SLP arrogance. In opposition they are the most humble….they’d wash your feet with their tears but once they’re back in power, their arrogance and self serving ways return and they forget the ones who put them in and they only look out for their cabal including the wives and jabals and they belittle and scold the nobodies for daring to think they should get a crumb from these gluttons tables. SLP die hard supporters, it is time you all know your place. SLP is their supporters own worst enemy.

  39. All this account contributes is pro SLP and anti SLP propaganda. If you are ok with that c’est la vie but take note.

  40. Little boy hush. If it was a case where things are rough and everyone in the hardship together the supporters would understand. But when you see the FFF and others who weren’t in the fight getting the best of everything but the die hard who put themselves out not getting anything that is the problem. Don’t play like supporters are being overly unreasonable… it is because they are seeing many others get the chicken breast and the fighters getting bordah backs or bones. And that is SLP every single time…..but check the mood of your base. People are learning and yall will lose in the end

  41. It seems to me that Mr. Casimir and the SLP also did not understand the “complexities of Government” when they were making milk and honey promises. Mr Casimir also openly admitted corruption.

  42. They definitely made a fool of all those who voted for them… Such disgust. Young man take a back seat.. You ain’t ready.. You just disrespectful.

  43. Well said – Could not have stated it any better. They come under false pretence making the poor folks believe they are all in it to make SLU better. Deep inside they are only trying to secure a contract to change the figures on their bank account. Just a sad state – Wolf in sheep clothing. I hope you continue to tell the truth – young and honest might be how you secure your seat in the next election.

  44. We should have known that’s what would have happened with this SLP. Always asking for a chance to be in government and when we put them in, they can’t govern. Made us all believe UWP was corrupt but now that they in there they can’t present one shred of evidence, and now you want to lecture us. Let me remind you all 15 that 5 years is not 50 years. SLP have to go because you all lied to us and can’t deliver.

  45. I see that self-praising jackass Lucian Highgrade has now found a new name for himself. A leopard can’t change its stripes dude; you’re still the same idiot who wants to sound intelligent by attempting to piece together vocabulary which is obviously way beyond your grasp, and with zero punctuation nor any decent grammar. Just another asshole sitting with a smartphone in his hand and blind to the realities of life while desperately trying to hide his own shortcomings by disrespecting all opinions contrary to his insignificant rumblings. You’re nothing short of pathetic!!

  46. Never have I seen Pigeon Island under so much bush. Gros islet people blind they not seeing the difference. When you asking people to be patient and the community stating to look like a seen from a plague movie you think you not going to get pressure. Come on it’s time to wake up. Uwp uwp uwp, move on, y’all in power now.

  47. Minister Casimir, I have to agree with God is Love comments and sentiments. Your comments show complete disregard for Party supporters opinions. My family has been party Supports from since the time of Primier George Charles. If yoy knew anything about the SLP History you would have refrained from such a comment. When assistance is requested by Party supporters, corruption is not what is expected. When the Yellow Crows come in SLP supporters in appointed positons KNOW that they need to park up and go home, else they will be kicked out. ON the other hand SLP keeps all the Yellow Crows in the positions talking about “Gov’t of the People”. Name one scenario where your enemies fight for you. There is not one. NO NOT ONE. So you’all keep the enemy in camp; keep the people who fought for YOUR and then wonder why Governance is so difficult. PUT THE YELLOW CROWS OUT. SLP members are able to do the jobs, too. But no. People like you “who soon come” are given priority over those who have groomed their children. Why is it I have not heard a HUNTE holding a major office. Considering all the sacrifice made by Julian Hunte. What is your family’s hidtory within the SLP?
    So when foot soldiers express themselves, if you have no fore knowledge keep your blinking mouth shut. I have worked within a Constituency office as a Secretary, worked as a queue leader, a canvaser and a Youth Leader within my constituency and my request for assistance is still pending. So really, who is the real enemy here? I am not asking for something that I am not qualified for or lack the experience. So where is the corruption? Corruption includes Neoptism like the now present Hewannorra Manager who knows Nada, silgich, nunca about Tourism or Management. But he got the post cause he has connections among you. So stop fooling yourselves in thinking that grassroots buy in on you’all charade. SLP DOES NOT CARE ABOUT IT’S OWN!!

  48. Bay bay, don’t become part of that BULLSHIT young man. You should NOT be encouraging any St Lucian to be loyal to any Political Parry. St. Lucian SUPPORTERS is what we should be at all times.

    Stop that young man. You are too popular to allow yourself to loose favour. Ask Mario Michel how easily that can happen. Kill the arrogance oung man before it gets the better of you.

  49. Well said Jackie, I could not agree with you more. I don’t understand why likeable, previously sincere politicians seem to allow themselves to fall into these traps

  50. Put the CAMPAIGN speech away (under your seat), and concentrate on what the country now needs, how the SLP hopes to aspire to the needs of the people. This is foremost, and therefore most important. I would like to hear; PLANS and STRATEGIES instead!! Let the past be the past – do not dredge up the negatives.

  51. I wish St Lucia Times had a “Like/Agree” and “Dislike/Disagree” button, instead of people commenting each time. There are some commenters whose posts are “likeable”, where one could click their preferences. *hint *hint SLT.

  52. I cannot help but laugh at all those crying SLPs. You swallowed the lies and blindly voted a corrupt and morally bankrupt party which has nothing to offer. I have no sympathy for you. It has been said that a country gets the government they deserve. At this point, Saint Lucia deserves Labor with all their nepotism, corruption and lies. Suck it up and enjoy. When the next election comes around all of you will still swallow the lies and vote for them again. You are too lazy and stupid to think for yourselves. So BOO!

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