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Isaac: Chastanet Will Lead UWP Into Next General Elections

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Former Health Minister Mary Isaac has declared that current United Workers Party (UWP) leader, Allen Chastanet, will lead the party into the next general elections.

Isaac made the remarks on Wednesday night during Newsmaker Live on DBS Television.

“Allen Chastanet is our political leader, and he will remain the political leader going into the next general elections,” the former Minister told Host Timothy Poleon.

The electorate voted the UWP out of office at the July 26, 2021, general elections, which the Saint Lucia Labour Paty (SLP) won by a landslide.

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The UWP managed to retain a mere two of the eleven seats it formerly held in government, including Chastanet’s Micoud South constituency.

But Mary Isaac indicated that Chastanet is the man to continue leading the party.

“That’s the only person in my mind. He is the one that we have there,” she told Newsmaker Live.

“He tendered his resignation. We rejected it, and this is the person that we want to represent us going into the next general elections,” the former Minister asserted.

“You will hear a lot of noise because that is the one man in Saint Lucia that the labour party is most afraid of, I believe. So they believe if they make enough noise and throw enough picong, the UWP supporters may start to buy into the rhetoric,” Isaac said.

She explained that the UWP is coming to grips with the fact that the party is in opposition, despite all the hard work it did in government.

According to Isaac, it was a ‘tough pill’ to swallow.

Nevertheless, she disclosed that the party is regrouping and, like any similar organisation, has its internal ‘push and pull’.

“It is a good thing,” Isaac declared.

“People are ready to serve and want to ensure that their time to serve does not pass them,” she noted.

However, the former Minister was confident it would eventually all come together.

“The UWP is on track,” she told Newsmaker Live.

Earlier this year party leader Allen Chastanet said publicly that he would support whatever leadership decision the upcoming party convention makes.

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  1. Without prejudice, make the comparison: it is your future, think of your young ones, think of the crime factor on the Island, the future globally is facing a war which could be the last the world history. St. Lucia needs leadership like it never had before, at a time such as this; St. Lucia has given SLP a mandate and immediately they are taking cover and beginning to campaign, what seem to be a snap election. Why is this necessary at all? what is it King and PjP been saying that threw every one off balance? Pierre you may not have a strangle hold on Castries South – King consider yourself a permanent Ex-M.P. – it will be all different next time. The Good Lord above will have His way, praise His Name.

  2. Uwp will remain a laughing stock it’s you’ll Lucian that will become a laughing stock under the Philip j Pierre and his administrations.After the five year st.lucia will not have enough young me for the young women that coming their,to many of our young men are dying,or either they borderlie,young children 15 years have guns killing one another .

  3. Most politicians can only see clearly, highlight all failures or incompetence and are extremely boisterous in opposition. As soon as they get into power, they get very agitated when questioned and it is as if you literally have to pry an answer out of their mouths. St. Lucia is one island who will have a history for one term government. The silence is deafening on the island. Once this happens they better look out, trouble is in the camp. Many persons are regretting that they voted.

  4. It’s too early to declare the winner of the next elections. As easy as it may look, there are several factors that need playing out, before a winner seems apparent. All roads lead to completion of the St. Jude Hospital. I mean completion when I say completion. That event is driving the train.

    The slate of UWP candidates for consideration is another point. If the usual suspects are on the ballot, the results might not be favorable for the party. Labour needs to deliver on its promises and avoid corruption. The corruption part might be a bridge too far…bearing in mind a couple of shady characters embedded in the decision-making side.

    There are a myriad of small but consequential events that can alter public perception. Additionally, a recession which Labour have little input can throw Labour’s train off its tracks.

    Once again, to rule out Chas or Pip as the next leader is just too early. Gassa, I am afraid, the party fanatics are going to kill me.

  5. The problem with UWP u have no other option who else in the party can lead it no one. With the slp they have several candidates that can lead. UWP not winning SLP doing more for your people to get a a start. right now UWP have no plan their job is to say how they would do things better as the opposition nothing coming out from them.

  6. @John may be they have several others to lead which means the current leader was not the best one to lead? No need for me to go into any details let’s for wait it the clock is ticking tick tock tick tock…

  7. The truth is that Saint Lucia always does better under the UWP than under the SLP. Chastanet has proven to all that he was the the vision, the dedication and the stamina for hard work. Labour has proven that it can win elections by any means but has neither the stamina, vision or the dedication to work to take our country forward. St Lucians have only themselves to blame for the current state of the country. After all, you don’t turn your backs on universal health care, unemployment benefits, a brand new hospital and airport, then put your country in the hands of a bunch of criminals, all with big egos and nothing more, and expect it to progress. Imagine trading Chastanet for Pierre!

  8. We can only support uwp if the Hon Opposition Leader sign the document that was or is on his desk to bring down the price of gas.

  9. That’s the problem- after you give all the pawol and maypwee, you DRAG the good lord into your crap! Only the good Lord above knows what will transpire next elections….He is above all evil and gardeh that people like you and politicians consult…all you had to say is ” Lord, i place Saint Lucia into your hands” That is all mate!

  10. We don’t want chastanet as the prime minister he have five years of flying when we needed him the most he so chasing poor people by the market tell him to take a back sit

  11. When He loose Micoud South Next Election How can He Be the Pm and to be on the Safe Side Uwp will Loose all their Seats next Election

  12. Some of you all still waiting on these dead horses Chast and Mary. But the reality is some of you all too poor, too broke and just to angry expecting government to do everything for you.

    So you continue to switch party every election… continually having voters remorse!! Mary, Chast, PIP or whoever else can’t help you.

    God help those who help them selves!

  13. The current administration has to enact a minimum wage no less than 8 dollars an hour, if not they will lose the next election

  14. If we want better for country we have to elect chas back to finish what he started. Imagine having our new hospital, roads would have been done or 80%, Rodney would not be looking like Marchand. It’s like pip bring Marchand up wee. OMG we don’t like pretty nieces. A new airport on the way with 2 floors. I hope this administration doesn’t last 3 yrs because we need as much progress in a country and pip is not cutting it

  15. We all are missing the point…The fact of the matter is none of the goverment know what the populace want…Like Bro George said, go to the people and find out what they really want. Staying in your office is fruitless. So if the governent think that the populace want a horse race track (just an example) they have no clue who the populace is. Winning an election means nothing, it’s how did you win !

  16. 1. Vote PJP (SLP) you will stay like a monkey, joker unable to speak English and sit on the back chair internationally. Everything will stay still and be dead after a while

    2. Vote chas (UWP) you will have an imagination of development for the further. Good English for marketing internationally. Good balance to upgrade our system. More wealth into the people’s pocket.
    St. Lucian choose your destiny!!

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