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UWP Urges Pierre To Remove Stanley Felix As Senate President

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The United Workers Party is appalled by news that President of the Senate Stanley Felix was arrested and is expected to be charged in relation to a major case being investigated by the Royal St. Lucia Police Force.

In light of this astounding development and the sensitivity of the position of President of the Senate, the United Workers Party calls on Prime Minister Philip J Pierre to immediately relieve Stanley Felix of that position in light of the pending charges expected to be laid today.

The vague statement put out from the Office of the Prime Minister, late in the day, when it was already public knowledge that Stanley Felix had been in police custody since 10 AM sheds little on what evidently is a very serious matter.

The United Workers Party sees this as another dark day in the history of St. Lucia, when the country is already battered by an increase in serious crime, particularly robberies and gun related homicides.

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The United Workers Party further urges Prime Minister Philip J Pierre to rid his government of any unsavoury characters and criminal elements within his Cabinet in the interest of this country.

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. jail him and the minister of tourism. Make examples of them. Zero tolerance for such nonsense.

  2. i agree cause when this minister had this affair with a woman in trinidad they wanted him to resign with immediate effect

  3. WOW!! What’s the offense here? What is he arrested for? I listened to the news on one station last night and was confused in the end. The item listed all that the law said in relation to a certain offense. A regurgitation of two online reports. I switched to other channels for more details but found none. Can someone enlighten the public?? I think ALL CRIMINALS MUST PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES AND NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. However, please give some clarity here.

  4. PJP please fire this man, he is an embarrassment to our government. We have to protect our victory by ALL cost. We have to be transparent and not tolerate this. We want no messy scandals in our government – GET HIM OUT NOW. We want no attachment to this.

  5. Was Spider removed from his ministerial position when he swears at the people at Marigot? What become of the kidnapping case? did anything happen to the Pajaoh letter?

  6. What? Another Donald Duck? Let the axe falls where it may. SLP needs reshuffling. To much controversy. Rovergate, Rentergate and now corruptgate, SLPs need to dissociate themselves from this PJP or the victory will be lost.

  7. If he is. ” CHARGED ” in relation to a serious crime he should ” temporary” resign until the outcome is proven and I am QUITE SURE the PM will do so. The UWPeees have nothing to chat about; with all that was revealed about teefing Guy and HIA that clipped his wings by the US to date, and his Pojah LETTER attempt what did Allen Chastanet do ? Cry like a little BITCH but was reminded who had a big stick over him so Guy stayed on, it was swept under the rug .

  8. Flambeau all of you are just a bunch of hacks and hypocrites so many allegations against chastanet and guy . Yet still you all want him to run the next general elections in 2024 flambeau just want to get back in power but they have no vision or plans for the citizenry. They were in power but never enact a minimum wage to stop the expliotation of thousands of workers flambeam will be in opposition for the next 20 years

  9. He prevented justice from being served. It can be by a number of ways such as telling a witness not to show up to testify on his client behalf, preventing police from learning knowing the facts or lying. Something along those lines he is accused of. But which type exactly is unknown until charges are laid.
    No wonder justice is not being served when you have these kind of lawyers and he is in government for god’s sakes.

  10. Well that’s the consequence of bad judgment on pips part. SF should never have had so much power over him…this man couldn’t win a seat on 2 occasions …he’s a loser! So, what does he do….threaten to run the seat and split votes which resulted in him being rewarded with a position if he didn’t run. These people only care about themselves meanwhile true patriots are insulted and treated like crap. The same pip he didn’t want as leader……the same pip he tried to gather his clique of people to help him get out….that very pip is who he was smiling with like the serpent that he is. … there are many more who were rewarded who didn’t want pip either. Pjp stop buying friends….. you can’t buy loyalty.

  11. In the final analysis: GODLESSNESS = LAWLESSNESS.

    Spend less time with the World and Yourself / give more time to the LORD.

  12. y’all Lucian’s no very well is crime dat running d county but yet still y’all still coming an show off ul talents by commenting come on people it’s black an white color crime

  13. The uwp cannot stop making a mokery of themselves, God help them. The amount a unscrupulous behavior we saw from that guy and Allen promised the nation a statement, not a word in fact he left us in a state, a dark bewildered state. Y’all just learn to keep quite. PJP has this covered with dignity, have no fear.

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