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Teenager Among Two Hospitalised After Dennery Shooting

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Emergency personnel transported a teenage female and a man whom police disclosed is related to her to the OKEU Hospital after a shooting incident in Dennery.

According to reports, the nineteen-year-old woman and the man sustained gunshot injuries at about 1:18 am on Sunday near a bar.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) said  its Dennery station received a call for help at 1:24 am regarding the shooting and dispatched ambulances from that station and the one in Micoud.

The responders assessed the two injured individuals who had ‘multiple puncture wounds’ and transported them to the hospital.

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  1. The current administration refuse to enact a minimum wage so the young people will be motivated to go and do the odd jobs it is the system that is responsible for the upsurge in crime

  2. It is a sad commentary, and it seem to be sadder day by day, week by week and so it goes on. I ask myself where did we go wrong, and what did we do to deserve this plight or blight; the wrongs that one does do affect the lot of us. No, the St. Lucia I once knew was a loving place with respect to each in the neighbourhood. Some may think that ‘time has changed’ but time never changes. Habits, way of life, greed, hate and a love affair with the gun, is making a mockery of life on a beautiful Tropical Island. You, some of you, the self absolved, wicked and evil ones, with criminal intent, have found a haven, with some powerful entities in high places, providing cover. A murderer locked up in prison in Barboneau, mysteriously let out to find a flight back home. The President of the Senate is arrested for some unknown crime. Crime, crime, crime from the highest in Government circles to the lowest in the pit of St. Lucia society; What have we done to deserve that? and the blight goes on. The curse can be broken but only when the Church Leaders decide to come together and do something about it. Inthe mean time, unshackle the Police – find the Guns.

  3. These Homicides have Nothing to do with Minimum Wages in St.Lucia. Its so called Gang Related and Revenge Homicides

  4. Is that the same shooting in Dennery that’s all over social media where one of the victims succumbed and a male and female hospitalized? I’m just wondering and if it is why no mention of it. I really want to see an end to this disregard for life but I also want the media to be honest.

  5. There are odd jobs and other gigs available. I can tell you that because I tried to help at least four people. They never showed up and that embarrassed me. I will never do that again.
    There is a generation that believes hard work is for squares and parents. Hanging out doesn’t have any stress or goals to meet. I took quite a few odd jobs growing up because my folks were very poor. I learned a lot doing those dead end jobs.

  6. Sorry but not sure Malcom X would relate a comment like this to an incident of that matter this has nothing to do with the minimum wage on the island it’s just part of our generation who refused to educate ourselves and too often we blame the government

  7. Sad to see the fishing villages going astray…The youth have lost their way,all they know is the “Trade” (laba,Vincy,mix in a lil Venezuelan in there)…It’s like they’re all vying for the throne…Who’s going to be the next king of the trade & some have to pick wisely because this battle will be ongoing as long as you’re dependent on a “BossMan”…Sad state of affairs,keep on wearing your gold chains & side pouches lol…Many more choppings & shootings to come because you know the old saying “You play stupid games,you win stupid prizes”.

  8. If there is any truth to what you are insinuating, then SHAME ON THE AUTHORITIES FOR WATERING DOWN THE NEWS!!!

  9. I’m wondering the same. Other news are saying that three individuals were shot (one succumbed and two are injured). 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. It’s sad to see the island flooded with illegal firearms and the desperate business owners have sooo much trouble obtaining a legal firearm to protect themselves and businesses SMH. Is who know who in this country… sad Mr commissioner.

  11. y’all forget it was said to b dat d young generation would distroy d world we’ll they are doing wat was proferize who to b blame it’s d system it was painted by dem

  12. @HN and Poule Foo both your comments are spot on 100 percent correct. Some folk may not want to admit the truth —-but I am honest enough to agree with you both as this is the current REALITY in St. Lucia.

  13. Not only that to but what about the young man the mother was searching for that they found dead at the beach there and it is alleged he was shot in the head by some friends

  14. @fox u know why it is so??? the very churches u want to come out and speak are the very churches people condemn…i heard a lady preaching in town…just using her voice to spread the word in street corners….a man passed by me u know what he said? THAT LADY EH….i jus shook my head……people have rejected God to the highest and are continuing to do it day by day….minimum wage this…minimum wage that…..the book says by the sweat of thy brow you shall eat bread….do all to the glory of God……we have failed to seek God in all things as a nation…we are too consumed by this earthly lifestyle which brings much sadness and sorrow…


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