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Skerrit Warns SLP It Will ‘Grow Stale’ If It Fails To Deliver

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Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has warned the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) of the consequences of not putting the people first and remaining faithful to its promises.

He was addressing the SLP’s annual delegates conference on Sunday in Micoud.

The Dominica Prime Minister observed that voting populations are saying very clearly, that political parties must not separate themselves from their people.

As a result, Skerrit, leader of his country since 2004, explained that faithfulness to the people builds trust, protects victory, and secures the future.

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“Every politician has a political shelf life or expiry date. Let this man of long-standing caution you, that if you do not put the people first, if you do not deliver, you will quickly grow stale. And you will find that those who welcomed you with cheers will, just as easily, send you on your way with jeers,” he observed.

In this regard, Skerrit explained that the SLP, like all other political parties, has a limited time to deliver on its promises, fulfill its mandate and create its legacy.

“Believe me when I tell you that the time passes very quickly. One year has flown by, and four more will come fast behind the first one,” the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) leader told his audience.

“If you are putting your people first, then their business becomes your business. When you fail to do this, you will find that the people will withdraw the warm welcome they have given you,” he cautioned.

In addition, Skerrit had advice for Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre.

(L to R) Roosevelt Skerrit and Philip J. Pierre

He said that despite the strong cabinet and the nation’s goodwill, Pierre’s walk would be lonely as he seeks solutions to significant development challenges.

Nevertheless, Skerrit urged Pierre to always put the people first.

“In your case, my brother, your challenge is particularly great because you have come to office during what many would argue is one of the most perilous periods in the Caribbean and global history. All eyes are on you, my friend, to formulate the new vision and to drive its fulfillment in the national interest,” he stated.

Photos courtesy Marius Modeste

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  1. If you Don’t live up to your Expectations .The Supporters will not Employ you next Five Years

  2. I don’t believe this set of people will embrace good advice. They are too full of themselves. Ask them to answer yr calls messages now. The same set that would call you everyday during campaign. They set that would ask you to leave yr home and all behind and come to meetings or join them on the ground. Hope they believe now that their time is limited and four years will pass in a gifty. I cannot wait for next election to see them come begging or send their stalwarts to yr home or call you. I always believe in the saying who laugh last laughs the best. You will see two or three miss calls from them now within minutes of returning the call you can never get them to pick up. My community is in a mess with the road and caretakers job. Nothing is being done. No step. Certain areas get but not all but when elections they coming and get you to do donkey work for them and go beg ppl for them. Not me again. Not in i5. We don’t give a shit about government just like they don’t give about us. This community is a close neated community who believes greatly in prayer and in god. We will survive without them because like our pm sent us to do we can still plant the banana by god’s grace even if we have to eat it dry. Let them do their things . Just hope they know now that 4 years will be like one year. Haven’t they realize how the days. Weeks and months go by quickly. Only god knows. Peace and love

  3. to saint lucians putting the people first is you have to bring your personal problems to the politicians and if they cant push their hands in their pockets and give them money to put in their hands for their personal gain you are the worst thing ever. now tell me do you think they can solve everybody problem on a daily basis like this. the politicians have their own problems to

  4. Ha!!! Very funny Skerritt,I don’t know about Dominica but these clowns in St Lucia never deliver on anything EXCEPT when it comes to their families & close associates…Livable wage implementation is when I will consider they delivered,until then all these administrations are nothing but scams,but since we do need a Government then I guess we have to live with the nonsense.

  5. Hon Skerrit can you kindly advocate for our student Nurses at SALCC. We are being mentally tormented and financial raped under the administration of the department of nursing. Please speak to the Hon PM of St.lucia for us at a convenient time. Thanks.

  6. Well, SLP government needs to protect their own victory by being honest, transparent, keeping their promises and avoid doing what it had accused the former doing wrong. Right now I’m seeing SLP is playing alot of games, ridiculing people, abusing their power, keeping secrets and doing some of the things that it accused the former administration of and playing petty politics.
    They are using their victory for their own personal gain and to settle scores.

  7. ….we are still waiting for the second race on that track , and the plane loads of tourist who will come here it. We were all waiting for the New St Jude’s to resurrect, and here my dear I present to you Dubai and prosperity for all trickle down economics 101. I guess the hot air he was blowing up your ass still have you giddy.

  8. the part that burning me lucians quick to fight one another for them…I remember when SLP won many were saying LEAVE MY PM ALONE GIVE HIM A CHANCE U HACKS…….well well oh well many tears are already falling…some of the same ones I hear saying I REGRET MY VOTE…..the point is leave people to their opinions beliefs whether slp or uwp and stop chastising them for it….too many lucians are fighting each other for party even getting vex with you

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