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Equity Ministry Mourns The Slaying of Former Employee’s Son

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Officials of the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment have been plunged into mourning, following the announcement of the tragic slaying of yet another vibrant and youthful Saint Lucian male.

35-year-old Lindel Gustave of Forestiere, son of former employee and Social Transformation Officer for Castries South-East, and former Director of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) Dorine Gustave, is the island’s latest victim of gun violence.

Expressing his personal condolences as well as on behalf of the Ministry for Equity, Hon. Joachim Henry noted that his thoughts and prayers are with the Gustave family during this difficult time.

“This is clearly a real and painful example of when crime and violence hit home,” lamented Minister Henry.

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He went on, “Any one death by violence is one death too many. However, the pain is even more intensified when it’s at your doorstep as in this case, with the son of a former colleague who has dedicated so much of her life towards community building,”

“I recall the passing of my own son and the deep emptiness it has left in my life and so I can personally sympathize, cry and mourn with the Gustave family in the loss they have suffered,” said Henry.

Minister Henry reiterated comments he made in September, where he expressly called on the citizenry to show a greater regard and deeper respect for the sanctity of life, to lay down the guns and to find more amicable and peaceful ways of resolving conflict.

The fight against crime remains one of Government’s priorities he said and again pledge the full support of the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment at designing and implementing social interventions that will steer people, particularly the most vulnerable in society, away from crime and violence.

SOURCE: Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment. Headline photo: Lindel Gustave (Deceased).


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  1. Minister Henry, they will not lay their guns down voluntary. It’s simply wishful thinking. The state will have to grow a pair and take those guns away… likely by force. I know the leadership consist of weak-kneed individuals and yellow bellies, unfortunately, a confrontation is needed to get rid of the scourge.

    Any arrangement that allows illegitimate actors to keep weapons is a recipe for disaster. Go get those weapons because the populace is getting beat down. By the way the strategy for obtaining those weapons suck. By the way, where is a “human rights” person when you need one?

  2. i remember there was this thing that if you have a illegal weapon you would have to turn it in but if they get you with it you would pay a hefty fine. and alot of people turned their guns in who did that ?was it a minister or the mayor?

  3. look i just hearing there is a shoot out going with police and some idiot want to be bad boys in marchand i hope the police kill all of you cause you are the ones making mothers cry at night killing people for petty and no reason cause yall dont want to work and just put big chain and ride bike whole day

  4. u eh seeing d fellas want money to go to the show on Saturday so can u see that dem artist is one of the reasons y they kill u take ur money an den buy tickets an dem artist bare crap u eh no crocodile teath means it’s bullets that’s wat d artist coming to sing for u’ll an wen y’all finish cry crime crime crime

  5. u eh seeing d fellas want money to go to the show on Saturday so can u see that dem artist is one of the reasons y they kill u take ur money an den buy tickets an dem artist bare crap u eh no crocodile teath means it’s bullets that’s wat d artist coming to sing for u’ll an wen y’all finish cry crime crime crime

  6. So now Fredrick’s little poodle in repentance has made his confession and is asking people to put their weapons away; this is quite an about turn from about a year or so ago. It was quite some time ago he and his new found master who helped him emerge (hic) victorious politically appeared with another new found poodle (Moses) in the wilderness, with Fredrick holding the Leashes, with a Computerizes perspective of a Condo building, only these two in there Ministries are foolish enough to buy into this hair brain idea, not knowing not all Lucians are that stupid. R.K. has a way of wanting to control weak men, like the queen, Hilliear, PjP and lesser miscreants if he can get away with it. His ambition, his racism and hatred for whomever and for whatever will sooner or later trip him over and will be costly. So you wanna fight? your Bigotry wont help – bring Hilliear and King too, very Honourable men and the Card carrying member the Speaker, same Cabal who attended the Court proceedings when Hilliear was in the Docks, so intimidated was another Card carrying, well clothed person, guess who got away this time? wont be for long. What has St. Lucia done to have fallen so low? I do pray for the Almighty to look to the poor in St. Licie.

  7. Joachim shut the hell are worse than these criminals that taking away innocent people lives..I feel for the mother you went in a church disturbing people peace..what the hell people like mate doing in parliament pjp administration awa

  8. From the time certain ministers – with drug baron pasts enter in power, all hell broke loose. Free the country of the menace at the top first, then things will turn around.

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