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Police Seize Gun, Tactical Vest & Extended Magazines In Marchand


About 11:30 am on Friday, October 14, 2022, a joint operation involving the Criminal Investigations Department Castries and Gros Islet, Bicycle Patrol Unit, Special Services Unit, Central Police Station and Drug Unit, was conducted in Marchand, Castries.

A Warrant to Search for Property was executed on a residence therein and the officers recovered the following items:

  • One .380 Barretta cal.6421
  • Six Glock selector switches
  • Two 30 round extended magazines
  • One Tactical Vest

One male was arrested in connection with the seizure for suspicion of having committed the following offenses:

1. Manufacturing of Prohibited Component Parts of a Firearm to with Selector Switches
2. Possession of Prohibited Component Parts of a Firearm
3. Possession of an Illegal Firearm under Section 21(a) of the Firearms
Amended Act of Saint Lucia No.18 of 2022.
4. Violating Customs regulations

Following the search two males were arrested for Obstruction during a Police Operation, Resisting Arrest and Assaulting a Police Officer during the Lawful Execution of their Duties.

All three remain in police custody pending charging. An update will be provided in due course.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force/SLT. Headline photo: Officer takes part in police operation (File photo)

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  1. Let the magistrate know there should be no slap on the hands for bail. Those obstructing should get the same penalty too.


  3. Only in St. Lucia citizens can interfere with the police during the course of their duties. It appears that the majority of St. Lucians are uncivilized..please do yourselves a favor and remain in St. Lucia.

    I can state without reservation ..most of you with this behavior will not last a 1/2 hour in another country …shame shame shame

  4. St. Lucia don’t have manufactures but we have evidence of Marchand local guns smith. Street side repairs and rapid fire upgrades. Not a real place , not a real place 🙃🙃

  5. @ Kate homes “……………I wonder why” You are not the only one. He has influenced Henry to Sue Chastanet, and the Speaker to go along – he has all of them in his pocket, and they’re all afraid of him; why, the crime factor is an indicator, that’s why. He will run out of options, give him more rope. There is a much higher power than his Cabal: It is the Lord above: Amen.

  6. When the first weed shows up in your garden, if you don’t pull it out, it eventually spreads and takes over everything. What you’re seeing there is decades of police officers not taking their job seriously and turning a blind eye to the small infractions. The weeds eventually become bigger and then you have this.

  7. @Jay. Precisely. Those clowns would be locked up in a Chinese minute in addition to being bruised and charged.
    Mob mentality has definitely taken over. I am not solely basing my assessment on the video. We have certain enablers in society that are responsible for sustaining this behavior.

  8. Enact a minimum wage for 5he people both political parties have been fooling the people how can you have the majority of people earning 3 dollars an hour but you want crime to stop

  9. and wen the officers do their thing they have problems with Mary Francis and the USA on their backs…..wat to do then???

  10. Keep them in custody,it’s not like they have anything useful doing with their lives…Personally we need to stop being soft on crime,if convicted by Judge or Jury for any crimes that could end a life or potentially put someone in serious danger we need to start removing limbs…Cut off a hand or arm & is only then we will see a serious reduction in crime…None of that going Bordelais & taking pics with your smartphone with a big joint in your mouth throwing up a gang sign when you’re inside for murder.

  11. While almost all these comments are correct, we need to look more deeply into this scenario. What everyone witnessed there is the root of most evils in communities on island. Mothers, aunties, grannies and neighbours who shield and shelter criminals. Twenty years ago, grannies and mothers would warn their sons and daughters and tell them to work hard for what they need, get the blessings of an honest dollar and to not be jealous of wicked people with dirty, bloody money. This conversation takes place in very few homes these days. Most moms, grannies and aunties encourage the so called hustle these days and they will lie and shelter their criminals. And when the inevitable happens and the gun shot reaches home, they will go on media and cry and say he was a good boy, people were just jealous of him. Nonsense.

  12. you know what the police should do when they do these large scale operations, have a truck or van so that if anybody just breath to hard trying to obstruct justice just tie them with tie straps and put them in the vans you will deal with them later

  13. lol on the roads i want them to cross especially on the pedestrian crossing for them to watch the driver big eyes and curse them so the will see their state after

  14. these are the people especially the bicycle unit needs to be harassing and not the persons before they park their vehicle to run out and take something in a store they already giving you a ticket with no remorse


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