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Crusita Descartes-Pelius To Act As Police Commissioner

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Police Commissioner Milton Desir has proceeded on vacation leave and Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Crusita Descartes-Pelius is to serve as Acting Police Commissioner, according to reliable sources. 

Desir, whose contract officially ends on December 9, proceeded on vacation on Friday.

 Descartes-Pelius joined the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) in 1988, serving in several capacities in the organisation.

They included being serving within the Information and Technology Unit, Interpol, and the Police Marine Unit, among other assignments.

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Descartes-Pelius is the holder of a Bachelor of Science in Management Studies.

And she was awarded the National Service Cross of the Order of Saint Lucia by the National Awards Committee as Saint Lucia celebrated independence in 2021.

Milton Desir  on the other hand, has spent some 35 years in the force.

In September 2020, he had proceeded on pre-retirement leave after serving as Deputy Commissioner.

But he was recalled to duty as Deputy Commissioner and subsequently appointed head of the force in February 2021, succeeding Severin Moncherry.

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  1. Congratulations. Congratulations Congratulations. Madame Commissioner at a convenient time can you kindly pay us(student nurses) a visit at the department of nursing at SALCC. We really need your emotional, mental support. The administration of that department is really not empathetic or student oriented. Thank you.

  2. This individual has been posting about student nurses and the teaching department for a long time. Will the relevant authorities please look into this matter and bring it to rest. As things stand I would not send my child there if these allegations are true.

  3. Congratulations to Saint Lucia’s first female Chief Constable. May she bring the reforms that would see all police officers be awarded on merit. And all citizens feel safe under her watch. To her male colleagues please support her for the betterment of our island. In my humble opinion the Prime Minister and Public Service made the right appointment. Ms Sealy is my other choice. A change was required.

  4. Congratulations lady on your acting appointment. We know you won’t accomplish much since you are only months away from your retirement. However, as a female I hope that at the top of your to do list is to investigate the rape allegations against one of your top managers by three employees in your organization. That matter has been buried for too long. Let the chips fall where they may. Your failure to do so would see more of this matter being made public. Enough is enough! We should never support the defilement of a female by ANYONE! Rape is an evil deed.

  5. A a so the one who wanted to arrest peep and all wearing a certain colour didn’t get it. Happy to note that peer did not fall for his turncoat tactics despite cushioning up to him like he was his best friend. Ha! Boo shall re!

  6. Congratulations Commissioner Pelius, please lock it down… St Lucia needs your Help! please support the new Commissioner RSLP.

  7. Congrats Lady. But why is the headline Still saying you a acting Comissioner of Police. Hope you get the full Position.

  8. Finally. I hope you will bring the female touch to this job. Attention to details. Tackling certain problems because they matter to you. Are you a mother? Your heart should be hurting right now for this lady who just lost her son. Have a data base of fingerprints to help this scourge of unsolved crimes in this country. Liaise with telephone companies to obtain transcripts of conversations that can lead to apprehending these criminals. Additionally, as you can see from the incident in Marchand on Friday, most communities will shelter criminals. The police force needs to infiltrate those communities through other means to get information. Hint: Undercover cops. Good luck and God’s blessings.

  9. Good vibes, many of us have looked forward to the day when the Royal St. Lucia Police Force would be headed by someone of the female gender. Bravo Madame. You are acting presently but will soon be confirmed in the position and then given a contract for at least two years. All eyes are on you now, but please focus on the mandate of the Police force and on your planned goals and objectives. Remember you are there to serve the people, that is all people not just the rich or upper class. However, please clean up the existing mess in the force before you clean the outside closets. Jah blessings and guidance, Commander in charged of the armed forces.

  10. The authorities need to take the situation at the Department of Nursing at SALCC very serious. I am of the view that the administration of that department is only focusing on the pockets of students. A student once told me there are more financial transactions in that department than the accounts department at SALCC. Please investigate.

  11. Is it true that PJP just have that lady in that position for three months which will mark the end of Milton’s contract. So is the public just being played by the care taker commissioner move. So tell me which SLP hack will be the next commissioner. Why not look beyond petty politics and hire someone competent to the post. Our National Security is not a game.

  12. Lool its funny how they mention all the achievements of the new acting commissioner and for Milton desir they just said “ Milton Desir on the other hand, has spent some 35 years in the force.” Lol we all know he wont be coming back since he was to retire a while now as the story states. Speaking of commissioners where is the short cut one they said that was a lesbian? i find she was doing a good good job

  13. Can we have a real tuff leader for this job. A Gary Grifith type. Perhaps the man itself. Someone who have actual bettered a police force through their leadership style. Someone who speaks directly without fear of offending anyone. It is also time that the government be removed from police promotions. Should be done by an independent private firm using objective variables to determine promotions.

    Kirt Samuel


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