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Inmate Injured In BCF Attack


A Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) inmate sustained injuries after two other prisoners attacked him on Saturday.

The St Jude Hospital has since treated and discharged the injured inmate.

A video on social media showed an inmate on the ground while the two attackers hovered over him.

One of the attackers proceeds to cut the hair on the head of the inmate on the ground while the victim, blood dripping from his body, does not resist as he is slapped and kicked.

The victim sustained cuts to his face and body due to the incident.

It occurred while the victim was being transferred to a cell and the attackers were out doing odd jobs at the BCF.

There are no further details at present.

Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video.

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  1. Whatever crimes he committed that was not call for…He was supposed to be protected….Where was the prison officer???

  2. the transfer part that’s just covering up they @&& what happens at the bcf officers gives u set ups open the cell leave u out an then go to a unit call delta the prisoner are on they own officer clarky his famous for that plus one of the attacker always stabbing an chopping other inmate yet still his still doing odd job’s his name is Toyan that seen was spiteful the inmate have switch knife pepper spray where he get it from ask me or d police officer

  3. This is inhumane. The officers are nowhere to be found and a young man have to suffer at the hands of 2 inmates. A serious investigation should be carried out. Then again, that goes nowhere. SMH

  4. There’s no law outside of prison & there’s none inside,phones are rampant,criminals taking photos smoking their big joints,recording fights & whatever else they do in their own privacy…This place is not governed right & the individuals in charge are only there for a paycheck & nothing else…But let’s all turn a blind eye & focus on which THIEVING minister is taking the other to court whilst our island goes under.

  5. A prisoner…Don’t you know in St Lucia you can have a phone in prison? And let’s just say there is one of those useless prison checks & the phone is got,a prison warden will just get you another one at same speed? Life’s good inside the walls @ BCF.

  6. Officer? That used to be someone who stood for law & justice,these individuals at BCF are there for the taking…These guys are more afraid of the prisoners if anything.Making back door deals to smuggle in narcotics as well as weapons,phones,you name it…..It’s a small island,if they don’t do what the prisoners say then their lives are at risk…BCF Borderlais COWARD Facility.

  7. To my understanding the prison never contacted the family and is refusing to give any update on the young man. That is just ridiculous

  8. Just imagine you working alone without the necessary tools needed and this happens, tell me what you are gonna do, everyday 95% of these officers go out there and put their lives at risk to protect the people of Saint Lucia and there is no appreciation from anyone, we focus more on Police and Fire, but these officers have to deal with our nightmares!!!!! Hats off to all the hardworking Correctional Officers out there, God will surely bless you and your families, shame on those that bring you down innocently!!

  9. Well @Truth I don’t own a weopon and the force doesn’t want me to, so they get all the credit for their crime control system.


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