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‘Danny Boy’ Shot Multiple Times In Vieux Fort


Police are investigating a shooting incident at Industrial Estate, Vieux Fort in which a man identified by residents as ‘Danny Boy’ sustained multiple gunshot injuries on Monday.

The Vieux Fort fire station responded after receiving a call for assistance at 2:57 pm.

Emergency responders said they found a male patient in the company of police officers, assessed him and applied emergency bleeding control before transporting him to St Jude Hospital.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. You live by the gun; you what? SHALL DIE BY THE GUN. this so call victim is no Saint. My prediction is that he will not cooperate with the police and deal with the matter himself. And there the cycle of crime continues. He who live by the gun shall……….

  2. since we on this topic reliably information has revealed that on October 17th 2022 around 10 am two high powered riffles which were dismantled were discovered in a refrigerator when searched by customs at their shed. the consignee is in the medical field and is the daughter of a high ranking member of the Royal saint Lucia police force.

    awehhh i hope she get the full brunt of the law like the small guys on the road. So you see where the guns coming from? from high ranking people and i am positive this has been going on for a long time at customs so why is it only now alot of these things a put out in the open. Also the Medical/Dental association this is what you have to be concerned about and leave dr st rose ALone!!!!!!!

  3. Sometimes I wonder if the 1st responders don’t regret actually “saving” some of those guys lives. Who knows as a medic u rush, save these guys lives and tomorrow u get shot as an innocent bystander by that same person. Just thinking out Loud. Don’t come for me ppl.

  4. Do you even know the individual or the situation? If you did you wouldn’t be saying that sh*t. Yall just quick to yapp with no substance, keep your mouth shut if you don’t know. DBL

  5. I know him better than you would ever imagine. Everything said is the absolute truth. So if you can’t deal with the truth then TOOF. Hypocrite!!!!!!

  6. she should be made an example of. Better yet send her to the USA where the barell come from to face justice.

  7. that’s the problem in this country, these criminals have too much support, they involved with nurses etc, etc.

  8. Who is a saint? Are you? Wait till your dirty closet gets exposed. Stop pointing fingers. Not even Lucia is a Saint as it continues to f**k us all regardless of which government is in power!

  9. A set of sootoowez that’s why we have so much crime. Ticks that just waiting on gunman to bring money home, not caring how he got the money. They have nothing to offer and even less to sell. Crime cyah stop while the sootoowez exists.

  10. @ma malay if your post is correct – the individual involved should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The love of money is the root of all evil including destroying your own country by enabling gang bangers and thugs to receive guns which kills your fellow countryman and perhaps a member of your own family.
    HOWEVER ——-
    I might also add perhaps ??????the recipient may or may not even be aware that they are being set up with guns in a barrel. If you want a barrel and like freeness you can also fall victim – and you may have to pay a price which is not worth a million barrels – just saying!!!


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