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Police Probe Fatal Shooting Of Teenager At Faux A Chaud – Sister In Custody


Police have confirmed that they are investigating the fatal shooting of a female at Faux A Chaud, Castries, on Saturday.

Law enforcement officials have identified the victim as a sixteen-year-old.

The officials said the victim’s sister, a suspect in the shooting, is currently in police custody.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. When UWP was in office,PJP use to hold a press conference blaming CHAS for every murder like it’s chas that pulled the trigger. Now that the shoe is on the other foot and the murder rate is climbing up on his watch h PJP is quiet

  2. Totally agree that we can’t blame only the government for these crimes, but our leaders need to be more careful how they present themselves in their quest to be elected. Instead of empathizing with the government while in opposition, they take cheap shots and play dirty politics with serious matters like crime. Hence when it is their turn to govern the population turn on them when we are in crisis.
    On another note I am saddened by that death to the point of being angry. We need to stop spilling the blood of our future generations like that. Too many illegal guns are in the hands of demented persons. People are now trigger happy and just shoot at anything in their path. If animals and other objects like vehicles were being counted in our homicide statistics we may have well been close to 300. Something must be done to get these weapons off the hands of those lunatics.

    You will never have peace since you have turned your back on the Almighty.
    Get back to the days when young boys had to attend confession on Saturday Morning, and attend 8 am Mass on Sundays. Parents attended High Mass later. All boys and Girls attended Vespers friday evenings. The Protestant Families were more regimented and better behaved. Today we better get into the ‘WORD of GOD’ or else its your world – not anyone else’s. The 3 rd. World war seem at our door step, things will really get hard so Pray.

  4. This have Nothing to do with Uwp nor Slp .Bsd Charactors in St.Lucia Believe they can own illegal Firearms and Ammunition and When they get arrested and Charged is $5.000 Bail and $2.500.for the annunition .Surrender all trsvelling Documents .Report to Central police Station twice a week

  5. Minister of National Security give instructions to the New Commissioner of Police to have the Acp incharge of Crime to Clean up St.Lucia with all these Illegal guns

  6. agree with dat it’s getting worst and worst yep young generation come fee mash up d nation instead of giving dem the weed the blood sucking Moran’s gave them gun’s wat u expect

  7. SMH. Such a beautiful young lady. I read comments about. “Don’t blame govt” If not them then who to blame? I guess us who elect them. Millions being gvn to their friends who fund their campaign and no expenditure to help eradicate all those slams we have. No allocation to finally beef up national and border security to reduce on the no. of guns coming in here. No allocation to deal with back log of cases. Lack of ability to bring in new local and foreign investments so young persons can work. But all u telling me Don’t Blame govt. There’s always allocation for their per diem when they travel. HIGH LEVEL OF CRIME IS SOLEY BECAUSE OF POOR GOVERNANCE.

  8. Just last weekend we had a shooting let’s face it rituals are being performed right under our nose in the form of music .our own cannot survive yet they allow foreign God alone knows who or what these characters are .saw last performance? Question your selves and open your eyes .meanwhile you leave with a gun or buy the gun u die by it

  9. Huh this is like Cane an Abel but female woiii where did the gun come from!?…
    A 16 yr old knows not to play with a gun an 80% of 16yr olds on this island, know how to use 1….smph condolences to the family.

  10. Wow! again! Very sad, for sure no one has the answer, but Jesus. Because the root of the problem is sin. The remedy is to go back to God. My sympathy goes to the family that they find comfort in the love of Jesus for them.

  11. Of course, crime is a d should be a political issue but to say that “high level of crime is soly because of poor governance” is just idiotic. No matter the government (whether good or bad) and the home is disfunctional, the society becomes problematic. If God is not the glue that bind the family together, society become problematic. If the neighbour abuses with your children (there are lots of that going around) the potential for him/her to become a problem for society. So, it’s more than just government my friend.

  12. You have not understood what Needle said. Needle is blaming no government but reminded us that when SLP was in opposition they blamed the UWP administration for crime.

  13. This government, through earnest Hilaire has made “feteing” a priority in this country since were servived pandemic and not “thanksgiving.”

  14. These girls only date ti negs on the block most of which have guns..(she want gunman in she hole🎶) that’s the kind of garbage music that is glorified in all walks of st.lucia. And people wondering where she got the weapon..really?

    All the Jamaica trash that is welcomed here at fetes and the airwaves is being banned in Jamaica as we speak.

    I will keep saying it..person with illegal firearms in their possession should be executed forthwith..make it law

  15. The system and the government that has to be blame as the mother must be out there working 12 to 16 hours shift to earn 3 EC dollars an hour so where is she getting the time to spend with her teenage age daughter

  16. The least religious countries in the world with millions of people have had maybe 10 murders for the most if any

  17. Earnest they boys on the block needs work activities..Stop going behind Chas I’m in government I can go after them..Earnest I’m taking to you stop giving the boys on the blocks chicken and rum god already showing you all the wrath of the election..The devil needs their payment.Lawless government lawless country sad

  18. Father forgive them for they know not what they’ve done..we need prayers St.Lucia🇱🇨…Cry Blood!

  19. Guess PJP does not have all the answers, was not ready to be PM, broken promises or is it lies to make me vote for him. Terrible performance so far. Saint Lucians need to vote them out !!!!

  20. Has it dawned on anyone that the sister may or may not be/PROBABLY ??????? taking the rap for the boyfriend? I am not certain if St. Lucia is equipped at conducting effective ballistic reports and gun handling, blood splatter expertise etc etc etc.
    Praying for St. Lucia —

  21. The police are aware of the culprits in this area and does nothing the gun is Ragga own and the people in the area hold it at they home for them so when police search ragga and they gang they can never find anything. Here are the bad apples in this community Ragga, TRas, Double Head, Zaypour, Amadeus,
    , Buzz, Shem, Jamal, Imbert and Kamal. Several murders and shooting have taken place in this community and Ragga would have his boys testify and put the blame on someone else here’s an example. Solomon Joseph and Calton Combinere two murders same day and they are cousins and they pin the blame on a law abiding citizen Benton in the community all because he doesn’t support what ragga does in the community his own and stand up to wrong doing they engaged in this community

  22. Wow… benton a law abiding citizen? Wasn’t he the one who killed chunky 🤔? Wasn’t benton caught on camera killing Solomon in broad day light? As far as we know benton has been involved in many shootings and murders in the community for the past few year he is a menace who needs to be permanently removed from society. So stop mentioning innocent peoples names, trying to get them in trouble and say it how it really is. BTW stop hating on the guys ok.

  23. Wow… benton a law abiding citizen? Wasn’t benton the one who killed chunky 🤔? Wasn’t benton caught on camera killing Solomon in broad day light? As far as we know benton has been responsible for multiple shootings and murders in the community. Stop mentioning people’s names trying to get them in trouble and trying to send the police in the wrong direction. Benton is a menace who needs to be permanently removed from society.

  24. Doh forget Ben 10 brother that monster Chris aka pale face from faux a chaux mate is a criminal and needs to 6feet deep for raping his own daughter in many ways destroying a child life un this man is going to court and walking in the area like nothing never happen get that predator off the street. Nonsense


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