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Police Probe Report Of Bandit Being Shot In Laborie


Police are investigating a report that a bandit sustained gunshot injuries during an attempted robbery at the Laborie service station on Saturday night.

According to reports, an armed civilian shot one of the bandits while his accomplices fled.

The police later went in pursuit of those who fled.

Videos posted on social media showed a man lying on the ground while another man adopted a shooting stance and slowly moved toward him.

At one point, the man on the ground moves his hand.

“Don’t come and do these things up in here,” a woman declares off-camera.

A man says, “Good job. Good job”, while another asserts, “Don’t come and rob Laborie – is not the place to rob.”

A small crowd gathered and a woman stamped her foot on the man on the ground who had sustained the gunshot injuries.

But the firearm holder pushes her away, and another man escorts the woman out.

There are no further details at this time.

Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video

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  1. It’s like the people here are getting fed up bad with robberies, not a single ounce of sympathy from anyone.


  3. Let’s hope not, but the law requires, for it to be ” A justified shooting” you’d need to prove your life and that of others were at risk. the report did not say whether the bandit was armed, most likely he was.

  4. Well i want to see his mother i guess she bow have a rag tied around her head with bay rum and people holding her together saying he was a good boy at home but dont know what he doing out there.

  5. St.Lucians like to Record incidents and Post it On Facebook and Whatts app.This is Really Bad .These Videos Can be Used against them at the Courts .Get Rid of the Robbers or Shooters by any Means Leave them on The Road Side to die and Allow people Passy by to call the police Why Record These Incidents

  6. Yes don’t mess around with my constituency Labowie you will get kicked in your head..Day ban voilier go find work

  7. I am a Laborian and a Retired American fighting man (Navy & Army). I am disgusted that this incident had to happen in my village and I am more disgusted that the shooter did not shoot to kill. We need to send a strong message – when you come to Laborie, come at your own risk cause we take matters in our hands first and then call the police. Laborie is teamwork. We are not letting no outsider come from yonder to spoil our reputation. However, he is still alive so authorities need to make him talk by all possible means. We will be watching.

  8. There should be 3 deceased masked men on the street next to the Petrol station.

    The art of recording and posting everything is not recommended for all incidents especially like this one.
    The fact that you’ve been recorded stamping the individual on the ground is not a good look.


  9. @Pogba you are correct … enough with the he was a “good boy that never trouble nobody syndrome”..yeah right. Some of the parents are also living off the ill gotten gains…sutweeeyez bateeze too sell malvatayes …enough already.

  10. Laborie has always been a peaceful, welcoming, proud, united community where crimes like these are non-existent unless done by outsiders . We would like to keep it this way. The few who would dare venture to change this status will likely be treated in the same manner as this parasitic pest. Laborians stick together to help maintain safety within their ranks and are happy to call this little quaint almost forgotten village that radiates confidence and pride their own from of paradise. That’s exactly why we call our pristine village “The Lab”. Good things happen there and we like having it stay this way. Visitors are always welcome with open arms to see what Laborie has to offer in terms of tranquility and peace of mind.

  11. Because in the end he is still a human being. The minute we stop we become just like them. Example. The death penalty exists but we don’t sentence every murderer to it. We do our best to preserve life as much as we can. Hopefully in the near future we can reach these criminals and would be criminals to help curb crime.


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