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Pierre Proceeds On Vacation – Hilaire To Act As Prime Minister


Castries, Saint Lucia – Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre is due to begin five (5) days of
vacation from Monday, October 24th, 2022.

Hon. Pierre will spend his vacation out of state where he will rest and reflect after an October replete with heavy legislative reforms and the securing of financing to develop and expand Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

The Prime Minister will return to Saint Lucia on the morning of Saturday, October 29th , 2022.

In his absence, Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire will act as the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister/SLT

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  1. Lovely piece of writing. A PM taking vacation and he will reflect on …??? KIZAAHH. I suspect dah man going for medical attention overseas. Hv learnt to believe nothing those media persons say. They are so political, dat hv gvn up on trusting anything they write. Anyways. I sit and wait for the next shooting or vehicular accident.

  2. ki papishow sa na tan la, when chas was there he never took a vacation or a break uh not even kenny i hear took a break

  3. Vacation? I thought he was already on vacation all this time…Maybe when he comes back he will implement the livable wage 🤣😂🤣…The circus continues folks!!!

  4. Laughable stocks!…in time like this,with all these crimes and murders we need all hands on deck especially a leader’s,not to mention they havn’t even fulfil any of their campaign promises but they talking about vacation ….joke ting dat!

  5. Hilarious job is to report to the nation that he acting PM knowing that this nation will never make him PM. = time to kick out all of you from that govt. when you all ringing that bell?

  6. Happy vacation most Honorable we all need a little R and R. I just did that myself. I know you don’t have a log cabin in Canada or your own Resort in Turks and Caicos. May I suggest San Diego Carina do island it’s quite tranquil and quiet there where you could reflect on the Clowns crying a river while drinking a corona……you are not a mi Tai kind of Guy.

  7. St. Lucia has reached to the lowest common denominator what a clown country..A man that cheated the people of ST lucia is acting pm no wonder St. Lucia is in reverse even Dominica ahead of ST lucia shame and sad..

  8. Their job is already a vacation yet they need a vacation a little over 1 year. Police officers have not gone on vacation for 2, 3 years we have ordinary citizens employed with companies that have not taken vacation in 2 years but our prime minister consider himself as a regular citizen to take time off just 15 months into office.

  9. Nada on the Increase of Criminal Activity Especially Gun Related Homicides and Robberies as the Minister of National Security


  11. WOW! So the acting PM is going before the privileges committee! A A this time peep not going to hold his hand like he did when it was rovergate scandal….now is jointgate scandal and pm couwee. He lies only know people when he wants them to come defend him! What does that say about you he liar? Never forget the stone that the builder refused becomes the head corner stone. Carry on using people… must humble yourself one day! The more you try to tarnish innocent people the more it is your reputation that is in disrepute because you are what you are! A USER!

  12. ……yeah he should call it !!! HOW MUCH are you betting Felix and Your head Yellow Clown would be gone??? Once again you fools are underestimating the perception of the man in the streets, that’s why yu’ll lost; please do so again. There were no landslides in their constituency, it was more than razor thin remember that.

  13. Remember only 40% of eligible voters voted and out of that 100%slp voters went to the polls …so the 60% who didn’t go to the polls are all UWP…do the math numb skull…I dare pjp to ring the bell..bring it on

  14. He thought being in government would be easy and just talk. He under immense pressure and fant control any of his ministers. What you expect from a dishonest and contradictory bunch of men whose only aim is about “winning” rather than “serving”. It can and will.never work. Just a matter of time.

  15. @Jaws Baby Shark you really believe your simplistic equation you Clowns would score victory ha ha ha ha ha that’s was your same over confident sentiments leading up to the Great Agony of Defeat last year. Oh boy, I have been wishing he would call a by election NOW, Felix for sure is gone…….does he even live up there anymore, ask somebody; the last time I check that was the biggest complaint.


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