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‘Painful’ – Hilaire Responds To West Indies Team Performance


Former West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) CEO Dr. Ernest Hilaire has described the West Indies cricket team’s T20 World Cup exit on Friday as’ painful’.

“It is really painful. How can West Indies not qualify for a world T20 or for any world cup, for that matter? It is unacceptable. Totally unacceptable,” Hilaire said in response to questions from reporters on the matter on Monday.

The Saint Lucia Acting Prime Minister spoke on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting.

He said there was a need for a major change in what was happening.

“It’s not working,” the Saint Lucia Acting Prime Minister asserted.

“Yes, it’s difficult, but obviously, what’s happening is not working. West Indies did not qualify for a world cup, and in the last ten years or so, we won two world cups and now we cannot qualify for the super twelve?”

Hilaire noted that Scotland and Ireland beat the West Indies team.

However, regarding Caribbean Community (CARICOM) involvement, he said he was unsure that governments could solve the problem.

“I know that governments can assist in the solution, but I don’t know that governments can solve it. Cricket West Indies must address the issue and take the lead in addressing the issue. It’s not about CARICOM,” Hilaire asserted.

He told reporters that CARICOM has enough problems on its own.

Asked to pinpoint the problem with the West Indies team, Hilaire said it was not a simple matter.

Nevertheless he said he always believed that to create an environment for excellence, there must be discipline, focus and the right people in position.

He recalled when he became CEO of the West Indies Cricket Board under Julian R. Hunte.

“We had a clear plan of what we were going to create and what were the pathways to success. Some people didn’t like the tough stance we took in dealing with the issues,” he told reporters.

“But within three years we won a world cup,” Hilaire stated.

“I have faith in what we did and how we did it and I believe we must go back to some of those lessons that we learned,” he declared.


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  1. Who cares what this Hi- Liar says! dont flash the words of liars, tax dodgers, white and black colour criminals in high office on your page st lucia times!! As far as i am concerned this man should be before several disciplinary committees, out of government and facing jail time for all his misdeeds. we are being governed by criminals! the leadership has polluted the land!! you all better realise that electing dodgy people has its price and we paying for it with an increase in the crime rate!

  2. “to create an environment for excellence, there must be discipline, focus and the right people in position” sadly the one man that had all these characteristics how did the board treat hIm? especially that special individual in the board, has he been throw out already? right now Darran Sammy is a God to the cricket followers of the middle east. one persons trash is another’s treasure.

  3. Unless if i am not mistaken i didn’t see any praises from Hilaire for the team before the tournament so why is he disappointed now??

  4. When he went to destroy Chanderpaul and Chris Gail to the point he can’t even set foot in jamaica, it wasnt painful? ti bway ti way chou la! and shut up in your girly panties He lie!!

  5. Isn’t it ironic‼️
    The former West Indies Cricket Board Chairmanship the crooked Dr Ernest Hiliaire is questioning the state of West Indies Cricket and offering his opinion by lamenting that “if it takes to go back to the time he had hijacked the board” then the present lot should learn from then, to enable the Windies to get back to winning ways.

    This is absolutely blatant in encouraging young & trying group of sportsmen to start cheating & create chaos in whatever formality in their bid to outplay their opponents.

    One is left to wonder! How fair & accountable was the last St.Lucia’s General Elections contested❓, when it was the very same Dr Hiliaire whom coined the saying that his party the St.Lucia Labour Party was gonna win the last election BY ANY MEANS necessary.

    This should really be unacceptable and moreover taken seriously by aspiring young Caribbean sport talents who are certainly stirring at underperforming St.Lucia sports enthusiasts ~ especially in the field of the BEAUTIFUL GAME of football which is currently being sidelined {They can’t decide on a sports academy for soccer} for the benefit of our wayward youngters, and this unfortunate mis-opportunity is as a result of the selfish preference of the current St.Lucian administration.


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