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Pierre Gets ‘100 Percent Vote Of Confidence’ As SLP Leader

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Remaining faithful to its founding principles of Bread, Justice and Freedom and the requirements of its constitution to report annually to the Conference of Delegates, the highest Authority of the Party, the Saint Lucia Labour Party brought to a close, on Sunday 23rd October, its 2022 Conference of Delegates with the Closed Session held at the Gros Islet Human Resource Development Center.

The Closed Session deals with the internal business of the Party and ensures full
accountability to members in all constituencies in addition to its auxiliary groups: the
Saint Lucia Labour Party Women’s Organization (SLPWO) and the Saint Lucia
Labour Party Youth Organization (SLPYO).

On Sunday, delegates received and discussed several reports including the National Executive report, the Treasurer’s report, as well as reports from the SLPWO and the SLPYO.

As required by the Party’s constitution, a Vote of Confidence in Political Leader and
Prime Minister, Hon. Philip Joseph Pierre was conducted by secret ballot, resulting in
a hundred percent (100%) acclamation of support with every one of the 250 delegates and officers voting “yes” in support, without a single dissenting vote.

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Delegates also elected other officers to serve on the National Executive Committee
for the period 2022-2023.

The SLP takes this opportunity to congratulate its Political Leader and newly elected
Officers who will continue the work of strengthening the organization to ensure that it
remains relevant to the expectations of it supporters and the wider Saint Lucian population.

SOURCE: Saint Lucia Labour Party

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  1. You have proven yourself Mr. PM. Continue being the humble and industrious leader that you are.

    And now, let’s hear the UWP ward-heelers (look up the meaning). I am certain they will be “but he is a puppet”, or “the real leaders are in the background pulling strings”. My response to y’all is “bwahhahahahahah, bwahhahahahah” go cry me a river!

  2. This is just a percentage of the red hacks labour supporters who will still support if when they are slundering them and they are complaining. Nothing to fear by these hard core supporters. They complain all the time to the injustice being done to them yet when they are with them they sing a different story. I cannot be part of this hypocracy hence why I don’t engage in any forum or activity that the,y have. I remain in neutral to all cause and I dislike hypocracy with a passion. It’s the next election that will determine. It’s high time Lucian’s know that even if u like a candidate while campaigning it’s when they get together the damage is being done. They will have no say. On their ownn. Why put that party in office when it is the same set of people they will continue to elevate over and over even at the expensse of the country’s progress. And I hear the choiseul candidate want to contest next election. What a joke. That’s the worse candidate that has gone to represent choiseul . This individual is selfish, vindictive, greedy and all. We can do better choiseulians. No voting next 5 years especially my people in the most loving part of choiseul . I cannot wait for the four years to go by. In the mean time uwp organize yourselves. There are a few tips that you need to work on. Hon Bradly felix do like hon Pierre contest again. Don’t. Bark down yet. He serve his constituency many years and you can do it to. I saw potential in you I voted my first time uwp election before last and I only supported this party again simply because of who I knew not because I saw potential in this present candidate that they had. I saw the two faced person from early o’clock. Not about to make that mistake again . We supporting candidate/person in my community now not party. Peace and love

  3. This don’t mean much since delegates are securing their jobs and do not know where they can get positions and salaries like what they have. Our delegates are not like the UK where they call you out for wrongs. Here they endorse liars, crooks, and people with no integrity and do call them out for it. The real confidence is at election time. Time is at the essence.

  4. Crow you have the right name keep singing pjp I feel so sorry for both you and pjp..maybe you not in St. Lucia not a day pass by my slps supporters that voted for him not cursing him out..Imagine you was working under a government you not supporting when your government gets in they fired you sad and shameful

  5. That sounds just like the Russian referendum on invading Ukraine…
    The public show of solidarity was expected,however the people on the ground sing a different tune.
    There is still time to right the ship but I don’t think the honorable PM has the foresight or the testicular fortitude to get the job done.

  6. Hon PM congratulations. Nevertheless we as student nurses at SALCC are in desperate need of your professional assistance. The administration of the department of nurseing is not empathetic or student oriented. We as students(mothers included)are being treated with no respect. In my opinion the administration of that department is only financially oriented. More financial transactions are taking place in that department than any other academic related activity. The focus is only on the money with no regard for our mental, emotional and academic wellbeing. Please assist us Mr.PM Thank you.


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