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Opposition Leader Granted Injunction In House Privileges Committee Matter

The Leader of the Opposition has, on behalf of the people of Saint Lucia, scored a victory over a flawed Parliamentary procedure related to the Speaker of the House, Claudius Francis’ handling of the Privileges Committee.
On Monday October 25th 2022, the High Court ordered that the Defendant, Mr. Claudius Francis, in his capacity as Chairman of the Privileges Committee, is restrained from conducting any business of the Privileges Committee with regard to the referrals that were made by him on the 11th day of October, 2022 to the Privileges Committee in respect of the complaints made against the Claimant, the Honourable Allen Chastanet by Honourable Richard Frederick and the Honourable Ernest Hilaire, respectively, such complaints forming part of present proceedings for injunctive relief until the determination of the claim for relief under the Constitution.
Prior to yesterday’s claim for injunctive relief, by letter dated 19th October to the Honourable Speaker of the House, Legal Counsel for the Opposition Leader highlighted the flaws in the process that would infringe the rights of the Leader of the Opposition under the Constitution.
Instead of taking the advice in good faith, in his reply dated 20th October the Speaker chose to double down and formally notified the Opposition Leader’s attorney at law that there was nothing wrong the process which is largely governed by the Standing Orders and the House of Assembly (Privileges, Immunities and Powers) Act Cap 1.08 and refused to cancel the scheduled meeting.
Counsel for the Leader of the Opposition then filed a claim with the High Court asking for declarations from the Court that the Speaker did not have the power to refer the complaint, that the referrals were unconstitutional, null and void or alternatively violated the Claimant’s rights under the Constitution, and for an injunction to prevent the flawed process from moving forward.
Prior to hearing the claim for injunction against the Speaker, Counsel for the Speaker’s attorney admitted the process was indeed flawed, the motion having not been passed in the House, and the Speaker would be willing to withdraw the proceedings and abandon the scheduled hearings.
Counsel for the Leader of the Opposition submitted that the Speaker had no power to ‘withdraw’ the matter as he had initiated a formal process of the House, though procedurally and constitutionally flawed and the purported referral was a nullity.
The Claim for an injunction against Mr. Francis, in his capacity as Chairman of the Privileges Committee was then heard by the Court and injunctive relief was granted to the Claimant, the Honourable Allen Chastanet.
Determination of the substantive issues of the Claim will be heard at a later date and the matter was adjourned to 1st and 2nd December 2022.
The Leader of the Opposition has vowed to continue to seek proper Parliamentary procedure and to stand up for justice and guard against those who would use power in an attempt to silence the people.
SOURCE: Office of the Leader of the Opposition

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  1. SMH. No wonder Kenny eh wanna be part a minister and under dem fellas. The only persons who don’t realise the arrogant, self-centered, nature of these guys are party hacks. With those guys as leaders Crime will not be reduced. Impossible.

  2. Is there a reason why it is not possible to comment on the article about the Castrues and Soufriere ports being sold off to Friends family and foreigners! Lol!

    Why were the people of the country not informed of this selloff of our payrimony by the SLP?

    Why has this not been brought to Parliament with the terms of the MOU?

    So after the barrage of racism and xenophobia of the SLP’s covid period elections campaign NOW all the country’s ports are being sold to foreigners. Hewanorra, Castries, Soufriere.

    Where are our intellectuals (?) or vocal detractors as the SLP are doing the very thing they complained about for 5 years?

    But maybe that is a good thing. Maybe foreigners can kickstart a moribund econony that Lucians are incapable of doing? The same foreigners of FFF fame.

    We are very short term in this country. Lucians will be very happy when the period of development takes place for the short term and it is only after , as in other countries, they will realized their country has been sold out for a generation. There goes the “yuff” economy! What a laugh!

    We are in interesting times.

  3. Our leaders should understand that they are not to tell lies so blatantly. If what Chas said about Richard and Hilaire are lies, he should admit and face the consequences.

  4. Any fool knows that to control a country, first you make them sell or “rent” their ports and airports to you so that you can control them for a good 50 -100 years. when you control a country’s port, you control the food supply coming in and going out and you also control the people going in and out. This is what has happened in Sri Lanka. when they could not pay the Chinese moved in to control. Now what have the fools / A-holes in the SLP done with all the ports?

  5. He was perfectly named by his parents Claude de Ass, don’t mind the English spelling Claudius. I don’t know why the man thinks that he is an authority on every subject. He is among a handful of people who have studied law unsuccessfully yet he thinks he knows and is above the law. I told friends based on what an SLP lawyer friends of mine told me that Claudius would fail miserably with that previlege committee hearing and it was not surprising to hear his own counsel declare that the whole process was flawed. Why does Pierre have such a baffone as speaker of our house of assembly. Lord help our leader be a leader and not a puppet.

  6. Them politician will take three to four years to correal with each other and to get back at each other and the people and the development of the country is being left behind no progress nothing for the people when the thief year Is about to approach they turn back and asked the people to give them a second chance to do this and do that and to better thier lifelyhood s tired of this crap no vision no leadership divide and rule what did I voted for progress development salary increase better education better health care plans for the years to come ect


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