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Two People Unresponsive After Ciceron Shooting


According to reports, two people were unresponsive, another was in critical condition, and a fourth was stable after a shooting incident in Ciceron, Castries.

Residents disclosed that the men were standing by the road when they were shot.

Police are investigating the incident.

There are no further details at present.

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  3. Wild Wild West St. Lucia the politicians need to pay the devil or else the wrath of god the will soon com

  4. The people of st lucia has been sold for a price dem fellas oweing satan no wonder foreign evil ariiste coming here in disguise didn’t you all see the gun on stage didn’t one man die don’t mind youall business mind the devils you put to represent you all it’s just beginning them politicians need money fast

  5. Whilst pjp and his aborite cabinet and some of his hatred slp supporters busy want to frame chastnet..The country is definitely going down in a pit..You all have to think and ask what is going on in the country sad sad sad shameful go pay the devil..Why our young people are angry

  6. I swear PJP need to request a meeting with all top gangsters island wide and have them have those little goons pon curfew …he can start by RF rounding them up.everything has a price,right now we at a point where our country is bleeding so no matter the cost …this is at a point where anybody’s turn.

  7. Yes boy broisden my g so u go eh I kno u was not part of any crime or such but was a party freak I kno u I raise around u smfh they turn coming soon fly high soldier even costo fly high solders broisden ciceron won’t be the same without u my g go pass home to pay my respects famo one must die back hail up those that gone before u for me fam zees in perfect peace

  8. Why have Meetings with Criminals .I have never hear nonsense like this .The only thing the Prime Minister have to is give the Police Commissioner of Police Instructions as to whats Necessary to Deal with the Crime Situation in St.Lucia. St .Lucia belongs to Gang leaders or Criminals papisho

  9. My heart goes out to the families who are affected by this, I know them and they are taking this so hard.
    I hope we crack down more on illegal guns and possibly random patrols in dangerous areas from police.
    Also we should have harsher laws, I don’t care what anyone says, countries that have harsh laws are peaceful.

  10. to think the whole of last week people were getting shot and killed these guys would cool out . yesterday i watched the funeral of a guy and how the family was in so much pain when they went to cremate him. R.I.P 3D this is getting out of hand now

  11. Sorry to say, but the situation is at a point of no return. Too many have died, while too many are seeking revenge because the system to protect them is a dismal failure. The best deterrent at this this time is to arm responsible citizens seeking gun ownership.

  12. Well, you think it would be just so but its not that easy because the people that give you the legal guns even if you apply to get it through the right means they have so many stupid rules and regulations that makes you say then what is the point of me getting a legal firearm.
    Honestly, I believe they are just one of the ones causing all this havoc because they make it difficult for people who truly need the protection to even get it cause at the end of the day when you really look it is easier to get an illegal firearm than a legal one.
    Imagine you have a legal fire arm and an intruder comes to your home and tries to hurt you and your family and you shoot them dead in your house you know they want to take the gun from you while they investigating the matter? And you now have no gun and anybody can just do you anything you cant protect yourself in the open So its like you shooting and killing someone in your own house is a crime

  13. From stones to knives to cutlasses to walk up shootings to drive bys. Up next car bombs.

  14. speaking of barrel you see how fast they made that matter with the nurse or doctor who had guns in a refrigerator in the shed slaspa just disappear because their father is big police. but if it was a little man it would be different

  15. “the system to protect them is a dismal failure” < you have hit the nail plumb on its head. The regulations and laws are there but the level of corrupted officials who are in these position to lead are the very set of people who display pure wickedness as their ONLY profession

  16. I’ve been saying that a while now, a lot of innocent people will die if this allowed to continue. If the us can allow citizens to purchase firearms and own them , then I see no reason a law abiding citizen should not be able to arm and deter themselves from become victims of senseless crimes and killings or getting robbed from individuals who want to spend the day drinking rum , smoking and partying then coming to take the hard earned money of people earning a living

  17. While we are busy blaming slp and uwp , why not start with ourselves that know our friends and family commit these acts and hide the illegal firearms in the homes we live in and know satn well what they are doing


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